Superteam structure

If you get the right support and have the systems in place to support the team and their growth, your position as the leader will be absolute

Topic – 5 S’s of Agent Superteams

Mentor – Michael Sheargold

  • Every team needs a leader
  • Support structure for growth on individuals
  • Client service and who should do it initially


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Pre-recorded:   More thoughts now from this week’s mentor.

Kevin: Michael Sheargold back with me again this morning and we’re talking about agent super teams and I want to remind you that there is an event on in Sydney, 31st of July. You can get all the details by using any one of the links on the home page. If you’re really interested in doing the super team concept, or even finding out a little bit more about it, Michael, the day’s going to be a workshop, is that right?

Michael: Yeah. Absolutely. We work through these five S’s as well as obviously some other components, to make sure that someone either to be thinking about a team sets it up correctly, or who is in a team, realigns the team performance in such way that they can build momentum. As we talked about yesterday, I recommend no one comes along solo, so built into the ticket price is at least two people. But as we said, some people bring their entire team. So the learning is in place, the inspiration is in place, and now the implementation can be even more successful.

Kevin: Is there a typical structure for a super team?

Michael: Let’s get into structure, shall we? I think the simplest way I draw it to start with is a triangle. In the triangle, at the top of the triangle, is the lead agents. The lead agent lead the team. What does a lead agent need to be? Great at listing, great at selling, a consistent flow of business, and they’re ready for a new level of momentum. That to be take in terms of someone being ready to take on board a super team.

The next time, if someone’s drawing the triangle up, the bottom left is a sales associate. Now, a sales associate is effectively someone who has an aspiration to become an agent, or they already are an agent but probably could be struggling in solo mode but if they bolted in and became part of your super team, we go to another level. They’ll have opportunities, they’ll be managing campaigns, they’ll be working with vendors, they’ll be working with buyers and sellers to uncover even more opportunities. That’s the kind of mode we have in terms of the senior agents.

On the right hand side, what we have is client servers, which is an administration based function. The interesting thing is, a lot of generating activity, Kevin, is actually administration based. But, a lot of the time people think, first there’s no need, there’s a sales associate. Most of the time, and I’m using the more than 50% of the time, what’ll the agent needs more than anything is the client services administration kind of person first to improve the efficiency of the lead agents to increase volume to be able to then bring on a sales associate.

The core concept is a triangle. Lead agent, sales associate, and client servers. A lot of time, someone turns around and says can they have one person that sits in between. You either get someone who’s a sales associate doing an average job of administration, or you get someone who’s good at administration doing an average job of the sales associate, because the energies are quite different there.

Kevin: You said clearly when you paint that picture, and I want to pick up on the second point, that support structure. One thing when you were describing that to me, you’ve really got to design that support structure to allow for growth, both of the individual and of the business, Michael.

Michael: Absolutely. When you do that, Kevin, it makes a massive difference to how a team starts to onboard. The sales associate will start to move up. They should move up over a six, 12 month, two year, three year period into become either a co-listing or a joint lead agent and then you can start to look at it. Probably the biggest super team I work with has 10 people within the team. They’re a real estate office within the entire business and I said they’re building momentum.

But this is the core of it. A lead agent or could be lead agents, sales associate or could be sales associates, and then client servers, by the way also a marketing role there, the client server is looking after the administration and the marketing of the property, and ultimately then the marketing of the team, what’s happening social media wise and so on.

Kevin: For an individual agent listening to us now saying, “I want to go into this super team structure,” what’s the first step for them, Michael?

Michael: My first step would be recommend come to super team-

Kevin: Yeah, of course.

Michael: for the day and invest some time actually getting clear on it. I think the first thing to do is to bring on board someone in a client services administration role. A case in some people say, can I bring on someone part-time? The challenge with part-time, you can bring someone on part-time, but you need to have someone that comes on part-time that can go to full-time. Because if you actually bring on someone part-time, you train them up, there’s a learning process there to get them up to a value component for you, and then if they can’t go full-time then you’ve actually got to let them go, hire someone else to move into full-time. I would prefer to back yourself and have someone come on full-time. If you start looking at listing leverage, there’s so many opportunities for an administration based person to start to drive the process.

When we start to talk structure, Kevin, the lead agent would introduce client servers at the listing appointment. It’s not unusual the client servers is helping out. We talk about super teams, client servers, once the property is listed, the first thing that the client server does is pick-up the phone and ring the client and say, “Client, Micheal here. Congratulations on listing with Kevin. Kevin’s absolutely fantastic. I’m behind the scenes and I’ll be running all the background inside of things of the campaign. I’m typically easier to contact than Kevin is, so feel free to contact me. Here’s my direct number. I’ll be looking after the marketing, getting everything set-up, the photos, the floor plans and so on. I’m really excited about the opportunity of helping you with the move.”

You’ve taken the agent out of the process in a very, very professional way. And by the way, the lead agents needs to not say, “Sorry, I’m giving you to someone else.”

Kevin: That’s right.

Michael: The lead agent needs to introduce client servers as saying, “This person is fantastic at making sure the Is are dotted, the Ts crossed in the campaign to make sure everything goes spectacularly well.”

Kevin: It’s all in the way you say it, isn’t it?

Michael: Absolutely.

Kevin: Listening to what you said there. Micheal Sheargold back again tomorrow morning. We’ll talk about standards and systems as we help you develop the agent super team profile. A reminder once again, any one of the links on any one of the pages on RE Uncut will take you to the website,, for all the information about the Super Team Day, 31st of July in Sydney. Get all the details and get along to it.

Michael, we’ll talk to you again tomorrow morning. Thanks man.

Michael: Thanks Kevin.

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Kevin: Thanks Jet. That’s it for today. Thanks for your company. Look forward to catching up again tomorrow morning.

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