Structure the business around value based culture + Getting a shift in energy

Make a decision that you are going to be one of the businesses that engages with the new world of work. Once you do that, get some professional help to move you forward; a coach, a mentor; just someone outside of the business and therefore viewed as neutral. It’s important this happens for change is never easy, but then neither is standing still.

Getting involved with your people
John McCloskey

  • The world of work has changed
  • Get on the wave or watch it wash over you
  • If the culture is wrong, they won’t grow

Productive Points
Michael Sheargold  

  • What to do first to make the day run better
  • It is never as bad as you think
  • Your energy will shift and your focus sharpens

Friday FeatureAndrew Coronis talks about a simple skill he has noticed his top performers demonstrate.

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