Stop the blame game

The people we deal with can feel your energy.  When Mat misses some business he can trace why he lost it.

Topic – get your head right and your career follows

Mentor – Mat Steinwede

See Mat at RESE on 26th and 27th July.

  • Look inward
  • Increase the energy around everything you do
  • Stay in the zone

Marketing Monday – The king of VPA – Matt Lancashire – talks about how he is so successful at securing marketing.


Kevin Turner: I’ve been telling you over the last few weeks about the RESE Conference, 26th and 27th of July, that’s being put on. One of the speakers will be Mat Steinwede.

Kevin Turner: Mat joins me as our special guest all this week. G’day, Mat, how are you doing?

Mat Steinwede: Good, Kevin, yourself?

Kevin Turner: Yeah, great to be talking to you again, Mate. Thank you very much. I’ve got a bit of a potpourri for you this week, and really looking forward to seeing you at the RESE Conference too, by the way.

Mat Steinwede: I’m always looking forward to seeing you, my friend.

Kevin Turner: Good on you, Mat. Thank you.

Kevin Turner: Mat, I want to talk about the blame game, taking responsibility for change. I notice that you mentioned that in one of your blog posts or one of your podcasts recently. Is this what holds some people back? Is it they blame outside resources as opposed to looking in the mirror?

Mat Steinwede: Yeah, totally. Real estate agents, for instance, it’s a classic thing when the market changes, they get really caught up in almost like a bit of a fear around that it’s not what it was or buyers should be doing this, or there’s not as many listings as there was or whatever. But in those times, I look inward even with more intensity. I increase everything. The outcome that I want to see, I increase the energy to keep the outcome the same.

Mat Steinwede: People always, even in my office other agents always wonder why things stay very consistent for me. It’s like an accelerator. [Yeah sure, when 00:01:31] the markets going crazy and whatever, yeah you might not have to work as hard, yes you have to secure the listings and all that sort of stuff but you’re almost like in cruise control in a funny sort of way on the freeway when it’s like that. But when it changes and it sort of goes down, the energy changes, I bring a different energy. So I’ve got to increase my accelerator, almost like driving up a hill, but keep the same speed if I want to keep 100 kilometers an hour I’ve got to increase the accelerator, using more torque, bring a more even determined, more focus for myself, and that keeps the results consistent. I don’t look outwards, what’s happening. I just sort of feel my way through it. How much energy do I need to bring today to keep the results the same?

Kevin Turner: Mm-hmm (affirMative). Because it is easy to blame, isn’t it? Blame outside and say, “The market’s down,” which is what you touched on at the start. But that change has to come from within, Mat, doesn’t it?

Mat Steinwede: It does, yeah. Banks aren’t lending as much, you hear it all the time. I try not to get too caught up in any of that. Yeah sure, it’s good to understand what they’re doing. But the reality is you’ve got to find people that want to sell and find people that want to buy. If there’s less of them, you’ve just got to work twice as hard to find more of them.

Kevin Turner: I’ve heard the blame game described as looking for lifelines. You should cast away those lifelines, just be responsible for your own boat.

Mat Steinwede: Well you should. I spend most of my time feeling whether I’m in the zone, out of the zone. In the zone, out of the zone. Whenever you’re blaming, complaining, unhappy, stressed, worried, you’re out of the zone. So when you feel happy, pumped, passionate, keen, you’re in the zone. So you can sort of feel where your energy is at, and I always spend most of … As soon as you start talking about external stuff that you can’t control, you can feel yourself move out of the zone.

Kevin Turner: That energy that you’re talking about there, that feeling you get or the way you work, it becomes evident to people looking at you too or working with you, which is a big influence on whether or not they’ll do business with you, Mat?

Mat Steinwede: One hundred percent. If I miss a listing, I can pretty much trace it back to the energy that I had leading up to the appointment. Rarely do you lose it on what you say. Rarely. Sure, you might give a price that they’re not happy with or whatever, but most of the time when you’ve got the energy of high level competition, in the zone, ready to go, feeling great, totally prepared, confident, connected, the words seems to change as well. You seem to use the right words. Even if you got the price wrong, they’re thinking more than what you’ve said to them, it’s almost like the conversation leads around to a place where they feel satisfied. I can trace pretty much most of my results back to how I was feeling leading up to it.

Kevin Turner: Wow, we’re going to talk more about that tomorrow when Mat comes back and joins us. Mat, thanks for your time we’ll talk to you tomorrow morning.

Mat Steinwede: Thanks, Kevin.

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