Amber is a believer in an ideal week.  Here is why and how she structures and runs it.

Topic – Getting your head into 2019

Mentor – Amber Werchon

  • Morning ritual
  • No such thing as a ‘perfect day’
  • Peak times of performance

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Kevin:   Well, day two of my chat with Amber Werchon, a delight yesterday, we dug a bit deep with Amber. G’day, Amber, how are you doing?

Amber:   Hi, nice chatting to you.

Kevin:   Yeah, good to have you back again this morning. We’re helping you get your head right for 2019. A little bit of that does actually require for us to become a little bit philosophical, and we enjoy doing that in our chats. But today we’re going to talk about creating a routine. Should that routine vary very often? Just tell me what goes into it, Amber?

Amber:   Well, I’ve always been a massive fan of ideal weeks. I am very much a routine person. Otherwise I just don’t really think you can fit everything in and you waste time thinking about what to do and you might end up doing the things you want to do rather than things you should do. So I’m a massive believer of having an ideal week. It’s definitely worth having one initially and then obviously reviewing it and making sure it’s one for success.

Kevin:   Tell me about your ideal week? Because I’ve always struggled with them. Maybe I’m just too idealistic, I try and put too much in there, I think. Then it just doesn’t seem to work for me after a week or two. Where do I go wrong, do you think?

Amber:   Well, I believe in having initially, like a morning ritual of what you do. Because I think it sets the scene for the day. I’m someone that if I don’t start the day right, that’s going to be when I exercise for example, then I won’t do it later on that day because there’s no such thing as a perfect day. It does always blow out. So I always think you can start the morning well and then it helps you feel like you’ve done or achieved something if you get those important things done early.

Kevin:   So you really look more for the big chunks in the morning? Then the rest of the day takes care of itself?

Amber:   Within reason. I do know, and I believe everyone’s different, of what times are better for them for appointments. Some people are morning people, and some people aren’t. So I think knowing yourself well enough to know, well this time is best for me energy wise and all of that. Then therefore I book my appointments at those times. I also now … Just because for balance reasons, I know how many I can manage without getting really stressed and overwhelmed as well.

Kevin:   Mm-hmm.

Amber:   I don’t want to be racing around all day like I used to.

Kevin:   Yeah. If you can achieve some really good milestones in the early part of the day, it does actually motivate you for the rest of the day, I find anyway.

Amber:   Yeah, absolutely. And there’ll be a different energy about you, because you’ll feel like you’ve already achieved something and you’ll be calmer rather than sort of panicked.

Kevin:   Yeah, I shared late last year … Actually no, it might have only been last … Yeah it was actually last week, I shared with Michael Sheargold how I actually start my day by writing down some affirmations, my goals, and really just some things that help me get my mind right at the start of the day. I do find that’s a very positive way to start. Not necessarily achieving something, but I know if I don’t do it, Amber, I feel like I’ve not so much failed but I’ve let myself down.

Amber:   Yes, no that’s a great one and a common one. Some people choose to mediate, and lots of great things. It’s whatever works for you, I think is what to do. But in creating one in the first place, I think you need to know what your priorities are and put those in first. I call them the big rocks and then sort of everything else that you need to do sort of falls in around that.

Kevin:   Mm-hmm. Good talking to you. Amber Werchon is our guest helping you get into 2019. Amber, we’ll talk to you again tomorrow morning. Thank you.

Amber:   Thank you.

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