Review comes first

It’s a good idea to review the previous year. What worked, what didn’t, just do a bit of analysis; and therefore, make a plan as specific as possible. Set some goals for success, really.

Topic – Getting your head into 2019

Mentor – Amber Werchon

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • Dump or improve

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Kevin:   Okay, so you’ve had a good break. Christmas is over, the New Year celebrations are over. Now you need to start focusing on what you’re going to be doing in 2019. That’s why I’ve invited our mentor this week, Amber Werchon, from Amber Werchon Property on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, to join me to talk about getting your head into 2019.

Kevin:   Amber, thanks very much for your time.

Amber:   Thank you.

Kevin:   I set you the challenge. What were the five things that you’ll tell yourself and you’ll tell your team about this year. Where would you start? What’s the first thing?

Amber:   I think it’s a good idea to review the previous year. What worked, what didn’t, just do a bit of analysis; and therefore, make a plan as specific as possible. Set some goals for success, really.

Kevin:   So, really have a look … Is this all about weaknesses and strengths, do you think?

Amber:   I think it’s just what worked and what didn’t.

Kevin:   Yeah. And the things that didn’t work, you either dump them or improve them?

Amber:   Yes, either focus on maybe training and personal development in those areas, or yeah, that’s right, focus on your strengths more.

Kevin:   When you do this, is it good to have someone whose opinion you respect doing this or is this something you just reflect on yourself, do you think?

Amber:   I think it’s good to do both.

Kevin:   Yeah.

Amber:   I think it’s good to do it yourself, and then find someone that you trust and that knows your business and you well enough, yeah, to assist. They might find something else out that you didn’t realise.

Kevin:   Could that be your partner, your spouse?

Amber:   Yes, or someone that you work closely with, I think.

Kevin:   Yeah. Pretty important though to respect their opinion and listen to what they say, Amber.

Amber:   Yes, yeah, you might learn a lot about yourself from that.

Kevin:   Really, about yourself? You mean your habits at listening?

Amber:   Oh, yeah, right.

Kevin:   Are you giving us an insight into Amber Werchon here?

Amber:   I don’t think I want to know what anyone else has to say.

Kevin:   Well, that’s interesting isn’t it? You’ve had a tremendous career. I think back in those early days when I knew you, when we both worked at Ray White, and just, that was such a dynamic time. And to look at you now, settled with a family, and a great office, and I would assume, a wonderful lifestyle.

Amber:   Yes.

Kevin:   How important is it to you … that drive, that passion?

Amber:   I think it’s more important than ever. I don’t think that ever changes. I think as I’ve evolved in my journey and my career, obviously those priorities have changed. But these things like reviewing and planning have never changed. It’s just what goes in them now is a little bit different.

Kevin:   Are you still as determined as you ever were, do you think?

Amber:   Yes and no. So, yes, in some ways, but in other ways, I’m probably more determined from a bigger picture perspective than what I am from a small stuff. I’d say I don’t sweat the small stuff like I used to.

Kevin:   Did you used to, really?

Amber:   Oh, yeah. I’m hopeless. Yeah.

Kevin:   In terms of what? What, worrying about what other people thought or-

Amber:   No, no.

Kevin:   … wanting to win.

Amber:   Just like … Yeah, wanting to win everything and not being okay with not. And thinking I could do everything. I know we’ve had a chat before about not being able to say no to things, all of that. So now, that’s all very different. Yeah, I believe that I am better at saying no, and I probably know myself a lot better as well now.

Kevin:   Has that been a journey? Did something happen? Was it marriage, family, just growing up?

Amber:   I think life is journey.

Kevin:   Life.

Amber:   So, yeah, everything. I mean, you have loved ones that pass away that soon makes you realise the value of life. And then, that’s right, you have children, and get married, and everything else, and it all just, yeah, comes together, I guess.

Kevin:   Into perspective.

Amber:   Yeah, yep.

Kevin:   Great talking to you, Amber Werchon. Back again tomorrow. Going to help you get your head into 2019. Thanks, Amber. Talk to you again in the morning.

Amber:   Thanks, Kevin.

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