You get back what you give out

Anyone in this industry should feel grateful for the opportunities we’ve got. For the income we can potentially make, for the flexibility we have, for the people we meet. There’s so many reasons to be grateful.

Topic – Getting your head into 2019

Mentor – Amber Werchon

  • Show gratitude
  • Be grateful
  • Just say ‘thank you’


Kevin:   It’s funny today because our topic is showing gratitude, and I’m talking to Amber Werchon. We just had a chat off-air about that. How I’m so grateful for what I do, and what I can do, and the number of people I can talk to, like Amber, who are so willing to give. This is an industry that’s full of people like you, Amber, who are just so willing to give out and give knowledge. Sometimes we can forget that, but it’s so important that we show gratitude.

Amber:   And I think, even as an industry, anyone in this industry should feel grateful for the opportunities we’ve got. For the income we can potentially make, for the flexibility we have, for the people we meet. There’s so many reasons to be grateful.

Kevin:   Yeah, because it is a wonderful industry. It allows us to have so much freedom, the ability to earn super big dollars, or work at our own pace. I mean, it is a wonderful industry if you don’t get too carried away with yourself.

Amber:   Yes, and when I think about what I have … What I’m most grateful for in this industry is the relationships that I’ve formed by being in the industry, some of my best friends, I met my husband through the industry. It’s amazing how they’re lifelong relationships that I would never have made if I wasn’t in this industry.

Kevin:   How do you show gratitude?

Amber:   I think saying thank you is a good start, but I do like to give gifts as well. There’s plenty of different ways, and I think, you know, when we’re starting a new year like this, it’s a really nice thing to do, is to look back at who you want to show some gratitude to from the previous year. And for me, I like to show gratitude to the people who have referred us business or given us business. I think that’s a really nice thing to do at the beginning of a year to, I guess, have a great energy for that year that we’re coming into, but also, I think, then it just all comes back. It always does. If you give, it comes back.

Kevin:   Yeah, it’s also an opportunity, as well as saying thank you, to just reach out to someone who may be struggling, to see if you can help them, just to ask them if they’re okay.

Amber:   Yes.

Kevin:   Because there’s a lot of that around. I’m reflecting now on that campaign, “R U OK?” I’ve actually found myself just calling a few mates who may have been struggling, or I haven’t reached out to for quite a while, and just say, “G’day mate, how’re you going?” just to have a conversation. It actually not only makes you feel good, but it also helps them.

Amber:   And it strengthens your relationship, as well, which ultimately is the most important thing.

Kevin:   Now, we’re going to get very philosophical now, but in our job, we take on listings and then I’ve actually heard people say, “I’ve got to ring this seller up, and I just don’t know what to say.” That’s a failing in ourselves, in that we feel like we have to have something to say to them, when we could really just ring up and have a conversation with them.

Amber:   Yes. Yes, I know. A lot of our agents say the same thing, and I’ve given them a list of examples of things that they could, just so they don’t feel like that. But ultimately, sometimes all you need to do is ring and say, “Hi, I’m thinking of you.”

Kevin:   That’s right. “I know you’re going through a tough time right now.” Just opening up the conversation. It is a great skill, communication, and I think we tend to just dismiss it, thinking communication’s really only one way, pushing out information, when it’s not.

Amber:   No.

Kevin:   It’s actually about asking questions and listening.

Amber:   Yes.

Kevin:   So we got off on a tangent but … hey.

Amber:   Yet again, but you’re right, 100%.

Kevin:   It was a good one. Yeah.

Amber:   Yeah, that’s all right.

Kevin:   Showing gratitude is the final point we’re going to leave you with. It’s been great talking to you, Amber. Thank you so much. Blessings to you and your family, and thank you once again for giving. You’re a very giving person, I appreciate it.

Amber:   Thank you again for having me.

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