Work on 1 skill to improve the others | More than just an agent | Look back to grow


Our Mentor, Leigh Brown from REMAX in the US, explains how you can stand out from the crowd and like everything brilliant it is sometimes quite simple.

Mark Dwyer says that you only need to work on one skill to impact the other two and Mark McLeod has the last word again.

Coach – Leigh Brown – Be visible

  • Don’t just be an agent
  • Do it because it matters to you
  • Use ‘pull’ not ‘push’ marketing

Working Smarter – Tara Bradbury – The conference season has hit

  • In 12 months reflect back and see what you have implemented
  • Reflect on your achievements
  • Goal setting

Friday Comment – Mark Dwyer says that if you want to work on your skillset overall, concentrate on one to improve them all and he tells us what that is.

Last Word : Mark McLeod on ‘loaded questions’

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