What not to talk about on social media + Are you a ‘giver of hope’?

Now that you have understood the signs of a changing market, let’s look at the areas you need to work on to make sure you stay ahead of the game. Mark Frater talks about the first area this morning –  changing your working relationship with the seller. What opinions should you express on social media? None according to Sherrie Storor and she explains why.

Reading and mastering a changing market
Mark Frater

Change your working relationship with sellers
Be the supplier of reality
The post listing meeting – when and how


How to build a social empire
Sherrie Storor 

Have an opinion but don’t touch politics
You will alienate 50% of people
The private side of you
It is called social for a reason


Property Management – When you are in front of a potential landlord client and need to know what to say to lock up the listing, you will love what Amy Sanderson shares this morning.

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