VPA is a confusing term | Who is the boss? | You don’t need to fail to learn


Failure does not have to be part of the learning process nor does it have to be part of the path to success. Hear Aaron Shiner’s story and more from Jarrad Boffo on leadership and today Matt Lancashire tells us where he sees many agents go wrong with VPA.

Coach – Jarrad Boffo – Leadership & Rapid Growth

  • Accountability
  • Who is accountable to who?
  • The language is critical

Working Smarter – Matt Lancashire – It’s not VPA

  • Where agents go wrong
  • VPA is a dirty word
  • It gives the wrong message

Skill – What does it take to be great at whatever you do?  Do you have to fail to learn what to do?  Aaron Shiner says no and tells us his story.

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