Toxic team members

There are so many things that slow business down.  Sometimes you just need to cleanse the business of some of the things that are getting in the way of reaching your potential.  Your people are the heart of the business – do not tolerate team members who undermine your culture or even more importantly your values.

Detox your business

Mentor – John Knight

  • The gorillas in your office
  • That PM who puts road blocks up to any change
  • A misaligned team member

Marketing Monday – Not every agent wants to earn a million dollars but what is that they do that others don’t?  Sherrie Storor has some views on that.

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  • Martina Berry
    Posted at 09:50h, 31 July Reply

    Great message! Recognising the bad apples is part of it… protecting the rest of the team from getting bruised and turning bad is also important.. and having the guts to get rid of the bad apples is not easy… We need to make sure we are always out there attracting new passionate people to our business so that when we have some one else to join the team when we cull the bad apples.. having the right people working with us is so important.. employing on attitude is imperative..

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