The power of mindset

How much of being successful is up to you and how important is coaching. Coaching is about learning to think differently first then act according to the new thinking in order to achieve results. Our special guest this week is success coach Muffy Churches who takes us on a journey of discovery about self coaching.

Muffy Churches – Coach Yourself

  • How can coaching help?
  • Envision
  • Enact
  • Become

Marketing Monday – The need for a transparent process from end to end is just one of the key findings in the Core Logic Buyer Perceptions Report.  Kylie Davis explains how both buyers and sellers want to understand the process in advance, be advised where issues 
are likely to occur and understand how these issues will be dealt with. They also want agents
to recognise that the process finishes at settlement once they have all happily moved in to their new property.

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