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People who achieve things that other people don’t usually achieve it because they stretch themselves. They do more, they apply themselves more, they expand their mind more and they want it more.

Mat Steinwede’s second message for today… ‘People who achieve extraordinary results in this industry don’t really care when it happens, they just know it’s going to happen.”

Coach – Mat Steinwede20 ways to become a high performer

  • It’s the extra bit you do when you think you can’t do anymore
  • Great people don’t care when it happens – they just know it will.
  • Do you see yourself as a professional career agent?

Working Smarter – Will Hampson – Awesome Auctions

  • The reserve set
  • Setting it up to sell
  • Crucial conversations
  • Percentage not dollars

Property Management – We look at the challenges facing a property management business at present with Shannon Davis whose Brisbane based business is growing by as much as 90 new properties a month.

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