Sales Activation – step by step

A predictable real estate business. Everyone wants one, but very few ever get there.  Here is how.

Topic – How to increase sales + decrease DOM

Mentor – Jess Densley

  • What to do when the market slows
  • You need to be the main player AND the director
  • We highlight the problems

Marketing Monday – Ever thought of hosting a webinar for lead generation.  Here is how to start.



Kevin:   My guest all this week is Jess Densley, from Discipline Group Australia. Hi Jess, how are you going?

Jess:   G’day, Kevin. How are you going, mate?

Kevin:   Good.

Jess:   Thanks for having me back again.

Kevin:   Pleasure, mate. I’ve invited Jess to join me all this week because I’m particularly impressed, and you will be too, with the new e-book that he’s just published, and we’re providing it every day this week as a free download. Thanks for that, too, Jess. It’s a brilliant 31-day book. Sales Activation it’s called. Eight strategies that you need to take control of your sales business. This will help you increase the number of sales, but more importantly in this market, decrease your days on market.

Kevin:   Jess, thanks again for allowing us to distribute this e-book. There’s a huge amount of work gone into this one.

Jess:   Yeah, there is mate. I mean, Kevin, I suppose, for me, clearly, as we’ve seen in most parts of Australia and into New Zealand, the marketplaces have changed rapidly, and that’s why we’ve developed this e-book. For me, mate, the businesses in the last five years, most businesses have been on a journey which has been external, where the marketplace has driven activity, and now obviously as we’re going into this next phase, the opportunities you can take advantage of inside your business, and this e-book’s going to allow those eight strategies we talk about, to take full control of your business.

Kevin:   In the book, as we said, there are eight strategies, but you’ve gone into a huge amount of detail in this, so this obviously supports what you do in the field, when you go one-on-one with agents, and into helping to build teams. What have you noticed, as you travel around Jess, in terms of what the market’s doing, and how fragmented is it?

Jess:   Well, yeah, I guess it’s an interesting question we could talk about all day long, potentially, but for me, there’s two types of businesses at the moment, Kevin. There’s the businesses who believe they have effective internal process, and they’re the ones who are probably resistant to change and more likely to think they’ve got it all worked out. But there’s those other businesses that have really taken control of the opportunities that are available to them right now, and that’s the businesses who have effective internal processes which we talk about inside this e-book. We just finished up a big two-day event down in Melbourne a few weeks ago, and we delivered this to over 120 people over that couple of days, and it was just a enlightening training programme. The agents are starting to view their business in a totally different way.

Kevin:   What are they doing differently, Jess, that they weren’t doing, say, 12 months or even two years ago?

Jess:   Well, it’s the role, I suppose … There’s several areas, and the eight strategies Kevin, cover off on that, but fundamentally, for me, it’s the role of the agent, in terms of what they need to be doing with buyer inspections and buyer feedback, and how they’re then relaying that to their clients. I think, for me, one of the things that I’ll touch on in this e-book is the difference between an opinion and a fact, and I think sometimes that’s the biggest mistake that agents make, that they’re delivering lots of opinions from buyers back to their vendors, which is misinformation that we’re passing on.

Kevin:   So you deal a lot in the e-book with buyer control, or using the buyer as a lever, I guess. Do you think that’s a skill that we’ve lost because we’ve focused too much on the listing side of the business?

Jess:   Yeah, look, parts of that absolutely. I mean, in the last five years, for me, I talk about this a lot, the two cycles, and the last five years, Kevin, that’s been … clearly, we’ve been able to list a property, and more often than not, we wake up tomorrow or next week and that property’s more often going to be sold. But the next phase we’re going through now, is that we list that property and that’s not going to happen. It’s about having a fundamental process of how we get buyers to properties firstly, because there are not as many of those around, and then when we get the people to the property, it’s about having that process of gathering sufficient information to then take back to our clients, for them to make that important decision they need to make around price.

Kevin:   Yeah, because in a really strong moving market, you don’t … well, you don’t need systems, because you just simply fall in and out of sales, and it is relatively easy, but the thing that I find now with great agents is that they do have the systems, they follow them religiously, and they’re built with a very sound foundation, Jess.

Jess:   Absolutely, Kevin. I talk about it in the e-book, and I’ve talked about this in a lot of my live events of late, there’s a lot of businesses out there who will believe they’ve got an internal process, and I encourage them people when they say that to go back and measure the days on market inside their business, and then match that up against the days on market inside their suburb, and more often than not, if they’re equal, I would say that you haven’t really got an internal process inside your business. So it’s something that’s a good exercise, to go away and test in your market.

Kevin:   Yeah, in stage one, which we’re going to start with tomorrow, in the Sales Activation e-book, it’s all about the preview. We’ll be looking at the VIP period, or as you call it, the party prior. So we’ll have a look at that tomorrow. The e-book is available for you right now. Get it as a download. It’s totally free. Use the link right here on RE Uncut and it’s yours absolutely free, 31 brilliant pages. Hey, Jess, great talking to you, mate. Thank you. Look forward to catching up tomorrow. We’ll talk about the VIP period. Looking forward to it.

Jess:   Thanks, Kevin. Speak to you again tomorrow.

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