Overcoming objections

There is no need to fear an objection.  Look on it as the potential seller looking for reasons to choose you.

Topic – Exist to list

Mentor – Aaron Shiner

  • Objections are good
  • It means they are seriously considering you
  • Embrace objections and grow


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Pre-recorded: More thoughts now from this weeks’ mental.

Kevin Turner: One thing that I do know is that when you’re going to do a presentation to someone to look at securing their listings, obviously there’s going to be a number of questions that they want to ask you. Our mentor this week is Aaron Shiner, who’s been helping us with his very dynamic listing presentation process. We’ve come all the way through from setting it up Aaron, right at the start, to things you should watch out for, setting the agenda, and yesterday a great conversation about whether or not to talk price.

But quite often we think that objections are obstacles, when quite often it’s just a call for a bit more information isn’t it?

Aaron Shiner: Yeah, you know what, objections are good. I really like objections. I think it’s actually more dangerous, and yeah realistically let’s be real, what is an objection? An objection is just a question unanswered, that’s all it is. As you said, it’s a call for more information, a call for a little bit more clarity. Here’s the reality, if someone is giving me an objection around my fee, sometimes I watch agents get upset. And when I say some agents, I’ve also been guilty, I can put my hand up and be in that boat. You know my fee is 3.3, how dare you, you know devalue or think I’m worth less.

You might not say it out loud, but that’s the way your tone, your body language, your energy sort of changes. The thing that I know is, somebody is wanting to negotiate their fee with you, all they’re trying to do is better their position. And the thing is, it’s actually a good thing, because it actually means that they’re considering using you, and they just want to see if they can improve their situation. It’s a lot more scary if you’re getting no objections, because if they’re not thinking about using you, or it doesn’t matter what they think it’s worth, it doesn’t matter what your listing strategy looks like, and it doesn’t matter what you’re charging.

So, you want to really embrace those objections, because if someone is asking you to discount fee, not saying you have to do it, but I am saying, well if they’re seriously thinking about using you, that’s the questions that they’re asking, so great, great indicators to know if somebody is thinking about engaging you. Yeah, as an agent, the reality is, there’s only about four or five objections that we get as agents. The first one is you know, we’re not ready yet, or we need to think about it in some form.

Have your predetermined dialogue there pre loaded you know. To have your closers, have four or five closers on standby, the next one is around fees. Make sure you know, you’ve got three or four good fee dialogues. Also marketing, they might not want to invest in the level of marketing that you want. Make sure you’ve got some good case studies where you know, if somebody that didn’t you know, spend the extra money or invest in you know, the extra marketing, versus somebody that did, and what the results were, make sure you’ve got some good dialogue around it.

The upside is, as agents we can continually get better at training, we can continually at improving. And we can you know, continually increase our skills. The upside is, vendors aren’t going doing night time tape courses on how to get an agents fee down, or how to get around the pricing. So you’re going to hear the same objections over and over, it’s your job to learn them. They’re not going to learn better ones, they’re the same ones that they’ve been doing you know, since I’ve started.

Kevin Turner: Yeah just understanding what they’re going to say. And you’re very right, there are only about four or five classic objections that can come up. Understand the message you want to relay, and relay in your own way. You know, you can certainly use someone else’s script, but personalise it, and then do it with confidence. And, there won’t be an objection you can’t overcome.

Aaron Shiner: Look, I agree. Sometimes, like in sales you might get a weird one, that’s straight out of left field, and you know, great, you might not have that perfect script or perfect dialogue, just be straight with somebody. Just look them in the eyes, and just be completely authentic. One of my favourite sayings is your energy introduces you before your handshake. And I think when you’re real with somebody, people can you know, sense it, they can pick up on it, they can detect it, and they appreciate it. So, that’s all I’ll say, but yeah, definitely practise, but then more importantly as you said, put your own spin on them, make them your own, and make them real.

Kevin Turner: Do you like role play? Do you do role play?

Aaron Shiner: Yeah I do, yeah. I have my team to do it, I used to do it, this sounds a bit weird, but I used to do it by myself. One of my old mentors said you know, practise in the mirror. When you’re practising  delivery, and you know, like I would practise in the mirror, and might say God, I can’t be that awkward, because you watch what your face is doing, and you watch what your hands are doing, and you can become a little bit critical, and you can critique yourself, so you’re more conscious of what you’re doing.

So the answer is, I role play by myself, I role play with my partner back then, my wife now today. I don’t know how she’s put up with me, we’ve been together for 17 years, so she stuck with me. And at one stage I actually thought, I thought ghee, should anything ever happen to me, she could easily step in, because she was always the vendor and she’d always give me the hard time on why she wasn’t going to sign on the dining room table, I’d practise. So a new career, you know, most people might say I’d never do that, I’d look stupid.

Yeah, okay, that’s fine, that’s your call, but just like any athlete, you can’t go out on the race track and the race meets and think that’s the only time you’re going to improve your time, EG the listings presentations, the only time you’re going to practise this stuff. You know, you’ve got to do some track work. You’ve got to do some push ups pre season, so yeah, role play, I role play with my team, I also role play in training. When I’m doing training sessions, we break up into role play, we practise this stuff, I pull people up, you know to the front, and we practise it amongst our peers.

We’ll take scenario cases, we get it wrong, we have a laugh. You know, probably like you. But that’s cool, because better than the alternative, which is we make a mistake live in the lounge room, and that costs us-

Kevin Turner: That’s right exactly.

Aaron Shiner: Between 20 and 30,000. So let’s just, you know, get uncomfortable, let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable, let’s just keep practising  it, it makes us uncomfortable, we keep practising  it, it gets easier and easier until the uncomfortable becomes comfortable, then it’s old habit and second nature.

Kevin Turner: Yeah, well said mate, that’s just absolute gold, Aaron Shiner my guest, and Aaron’s back again tomorrow night. Forget, he’s one of our featured mentors inside Real Estate Express Results, there is a button on all the pages on RE uncut if you want to get a bit more information. Aaron, we’ll talk to you again tomorrow morning, thanks bud.

Aaron Shiner: Thanks KT.

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Jed Xavier: Mark Cain said the first steps towards success is take, and when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. What environments do you need to break out of today to create success? I’m Jed Xavier, have a great day.

Kevin Turner: Thanks Jed, that’s it for today, thanks for your company, look forward to catching up again tomorrow morning.


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