Our job is to sell | We don’t charge a fee – we earn it | The connection economy

Mark Dwyer is back today with more on fee negotiation – a hot topic right now.

Amber Werchon says that too many salespeople are ‘just there’ and are not selling and Tom Panos tells us a bit of what is behind his dynamic 7 day program and he gives us a social media tip.

Coach – Mark Dwyer – Improve your fee negotiation

  • It becomes a negotiation
  • We earn a fee we don’t charge a fee
  • Consignment selling

Working Smarter – Amber Werchon – My 5 daily ‘must do’s’

  • Sell – Sell – Sell
  • Don’t be ‘just there’
  • We are selling all the time

Social Media – Tom Panos says ‘get into the connection economy’.  We get a snippet from his dynamic 7 day program.

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