Learn from your mistakes and move forward + Believe in the product we sell

Do you know what would hold you back from being successful? Find out what the big success killer is today because that’s a question we asked Gavin Rubinstein. Eddie Fuller, who has been with us all week, has a suggestion about how you can dramatically improve your results.

What will hold you back
Gavin Rubinstein

  • The big killer
  • Move with the times – be prepared to learn and change
  • Ego is a dirty word.  Be hard on yourself

How can an agent improve their results?
Eddie Fuller  

  • Think of it as a profession
  • Use it as a vehicle
  • Be accountable

Friday Feature – Would you accept a listing with no marketing – let alone getting VPA?  Sean Hughes from WA says you can but you have to ask yourself if it is the right thing for the seller.

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