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There are so many great tools to help agents succeed.  So with so many ways to succeed why don’t more make it?

Topic – What tools do you use?

Mentor – Daniel Gonzalez

  • How do you make the brand stand out?
  • What is the intent behind what you do?
  • The ‘magic’ defined

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Kevin:   Our guest all this week is Daniel Gonzalez from Realty Lane, in Western Australia, who took out the award as West Australia’s Highest Value of Property Sold at the recent REIWA Awards. Daniel, as we talk about your business and how successful it’s been, we’ve got to remind ourselves, too, that it’s only been a couple of years. Obviously, the tools that you use, and the tools that are available now, are very important in that success, too. I mean we’ve touched on attitude and how you treat people; but the back end, the tools that you use, are also very important, aren’t they?

Daniel Gonzalez:   Absolutely. So, we are in the industry of course where something tends to work a little bit, and everyone then goes down and copies it, and then everyone starts doing the same thing. So, we’re mindful of the look and feel of our brand. Our brand was always a brand about leading in design and just having that edge about it all the way through. So, the look and feel has always been really, really important with what we’re doing.

Daniel Gonzalez:   Then, the actual tools, first and foremost, it’s, “How do we make the brand stand out?” That was the biggest thing for us coming into the industry as an independent brand. Then, with regards to the tools, you just have to do everything. I don’t know if people will be hearing, “What does he mean by that?” We have to use social media as much as you possibly can, but how and what intent do you actually have behind it? We use print media; we use social media; we use seed ads, with as much branding out there within the community that we can use. So, it’s one of those things that when we’re looking at, “What tools do we use?” we try to use everything that’s available to the market, from that sense; and if there’s something that we believe that we should be using and isn’t available, we’ll create that.

Daniel Gonzalez:   So, it’s been one of those things that we do keep an eye as to what’s happening out there in the market; but the way that Realty Lane has always been run, it’s very much in-house and very much a common sense business. Where is the audience that we want to capture, and what do we need to put out there in order to capture that audience?

Kevin:   Do you do anything magic? Or is it all very basic, but just done extremely well?

Daniel Gonzalez:   I think the magic happens with regards to having this level today of the skill set that we’ve developed and the skill sets we’re developing. I always want to be a student. Kevin, I hope to speak with you in twenty-five years and still be saying, “Hey, you know, we’ve just come across this now and .”

Kevin:   Actually, mate, I hope you’re talking to me in twenty-five years, too; that means I’ll still be around.

Daniel Gonzalez:   Yeah, but it’s really important to understand that: to not ever think that we know it all, and our way is the best way. So, we are always mindful of improving and improving. What worked today will not work tomorrow; we’re mindful of that as well.

Daniel Gonzalez:   So, with regards to the magic, there is a magic that we are able to connect on an emotional level with our client, but we are also so tech-driven as well. We’ve come into this industry today with our specific age group and our younger crew as well, our beautiful Realty Lane family, where I always refer to us as, “We’re really, really young, old school.”

Kevin:   Yeah. Gee, that’s a nice way to describe it, too.

Kevin:   I think what’s also amazing is that you’ve taken this award out. Permit me to say this, I hope it’s correct, but your team isn’t the biggest team. You know, you’re up against some of the biggest teams in Australia, yet you’ve taken out an award. It shows that you really must be using the technology and the tools to keep you at the front end of where the business is actually happening, and that’s belly-to-belly.

Daniel Gonzalez:   Belly-to-belly, and also with regards to our team with no experience in the industry previously, and that we are so proud of. There’s a lot of things that we’re trying to put out there not intentionally as a message, but the messages that are coming are clear: independent brand, young team, no previous experience, and there’s a lot of that that is also coming through. It just proves again: as long as the crew is caring, and their intentions are clean and pure, and their dedication is there to help and achieve these outcomes. Remember, the responsibility we are given at our client’s time in their life is phenomenal; that’s something we don’t take lightly, and there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with that, and that’s the junior level as well, which is all part of our team.

Kevin:   Well said. I can feel that genuineness in your voice and the way you express it, Daniel.

Kevin:   Thank you. It’s a pleasure having you in the show this week.

Kevin:   Daniel Gonzalez, top-selling agent in WA. He is from Realty Lane. He’s our guest. He comes back tomorrow.

Kevin:   I’m going to ask you tomorrow: On the journey that you’ve been on, what would you have changed? Would you change or improve something to get you there faster, and probably even better? So, we’ll ask that question tomorrow, Daniel. Talk to you then, mate.

Daniel Gonzalez:   Thanks, Kevin.


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