Know your ‘fire’ + Re-shape your mind

Top performer Glen Couthino reinforces the importance of mindset and how the right mindset can totally change your outcome in the same way that the wrong mindset can totally destroy your business. Shannon Davis is with us today as he tells us the methods you can use now to dramatically improve your results. We get the last word today from John McGrath about business planning for the next financial year.

Best Damn Money I ever spent
Shannon Davis

  • How can a BDM dramatically improve their results?
  • Be a ‘meaningful specific’
  • Opportunities will appear
  • The fastest track to success

What happened to turn your career around?
Glen Coutinho  

  • Change your mindset and you will change your outcomes
  • Source out successful people
  • Surround yourself with people who will push you

Friday Feature – Just how ambitious can your targets be?  This is the time to set up a great financial year ahead and John McGrath sets the challenge today.

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