Is passion the be all and end all? | Law of detachment | A.B.Q.


Some people believe that passion is all you need to succeed. Successful people will know that there’s a lot more involved. This week we feature the thoughts and opinions of one of Australia’s top business coaches Mark Creedon as he sets about to dispel some common business myths.

Also joining us this week Tony Williamson from North Queensland as he shares some effective communication techniques.

Coach – Mark Creedon – Business Myths

  • If you are passionate you will succeed
  • It’s not enough

Working Smarter – Tony Williamson – Highly effective communication techniques

  • Always Be Questioning
  • Innocent questions prospects ask are actually ‘coded’
  • The BEST response to any question you’ll get asked
  • Use this technique to close prospects

Marketing Monday –  This week Jet Xavier returns to continue to take us through his elite performance formula.

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