If I could do it again – knowing what I know now

This week we feature “If I Had My Time Again”.  A series of conversations with leading business owners talking about how hard it is for younger businesses to copy the successful businesses they want to be, because they don’t know the journey those top performers went on.  Of course, even those top performers would do things differently.   So we thought – what if – what if they had their time again?   We asked them and the eBook and audio download program we have produced with Business Depot is the result.

“If I had my time again….” – Dane Atherton

Mentor – Jacob Aldridge

  • No regrets
  • Always confident
  • What kind of leader do you want to be?
  • Long game and short game objectives
  • Use multiple coaches
  • How soon to start PM

Marketing Monday – Amber Werchon talks about her non- negotiable activities.

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