How can I be better? | Seller feedback on video | Focus on process


What is the number one thing you can change about yourself? Answer that question and do something about it and you’ll turn your career around. That’s the advice today from Darren Saunderson.

We also hear from Josh Stirling, Sherrie Storor and our last word comes from Charles Tarbey.

Coach – Darren Saunderson – Questions to ask yourself to move to the next level

  • The # 1 thing you could change about yourself?
  • Mindset ‘can do’
  • Procrastination to take action
  • Less worry

Working Smarter – Josh Stirling – Having the courage to tell sellers how it is

  • We are not valuers
  • Get feedback from everyone
  • Focus on process not price

Friday Comment – Ever thought of using video for seller and buyer feedback? Sherrie Storor does it now and she tells us how.

Last Word – Charles Tarbey say real estate is simple.

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