Hippies in real estate

Why would you leave a career that you enjoy and is working for you to start selling real estate?  Maybe it is because you can see an opportunity to do it better.

Topic – Why real estate?

Mentor – Daniel Gonzalez

  • Don’t disguise as a real estate agent
  • Normalising the real estate agent
  • Why change when you become an agent?

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Kevin:   The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia at their 2018 awards recently saw a brand new industry leader step up to the plate as West Australia’s top agent for the highest value of property sold, we’ve had him on the show before and we’re proud to say he’s back with us again. Daniel Gonzalez from Realty Lane was recognised as West Australia’s leading real estate professional securing first place for the 119 properties sold for a value of just over $132,000,000. Doesn’t it roll so easily off your tongue? It was the highest value of property sold by any other agent in WA, Ray White’s Vivien Yap followed in second place with 66 properties sold for a value of 119,000,000. He joins us as our guest all this week, and we’ve got some great topics to talk about too.

Kevin:   Daniel welcome to the show.

Daniel Gonzalez:   Thank you so much Kevin.

Kevin:   And congratulations mate, what a great achievement. I know in some of our previous conversations we’ve talked about this as one of your goals and later in the week, I’m going to ask you what next but can I just ask you now just a recap for me, why real estate because you had a very successful profession before that?

Daniel Gonzalez:   Yeah, so we always look back as to why did we get into real estate and to cut to the chase, it’s the only other thing we would have done for free, that’s it. I’ve come from the music industry, it started as a free gig as you can imagine as you’re getting a bit of exposure adding to the market and we did it for the love of performing and playing, and real estate is exactly the same vibe that I had when we did it. I was always involved in it, I did buy and sell real estate as I was 18, and 19, and 20 and so forth but when we were looking at transitioning, I genuinely have a passion and a love for it, I know that sounds cliché and everything else but that was definitely something I’d get my teeth back into and would be happy to do for free.

Kevin:   But actually you know why it sounds cliché, it’s because so many people say it but they don’t say it with genuine intent, they say it because they think people want to hear it. I’ve actually watched your video and I recommend anyone should go and watch the video that’s on Daniel’s website. Those people tell the story and they tell a deeper story than just your passion, it’s all about your commitment to communication, how you genuinely like people and you can hear that’s what they say.

Daniel Gonzalez:   Yeah, we always refer back to that, we just don’t keep a disguise as real estate agents. There is a genuine love and care for our clients and we do our best sometimes the best isn’t good enough but we really do our absolute best to try and help them achieve whatever it is that they’re looking at transitioning to or from and we really do care and it comes across. I think we’ve been in this industry for four years now, it’s not just a song we’re singing its consistent and its out there and it’s growing. And I think the fact that it’s being recognised as that and the fact there is genuine care you find everything we’re doing and that’s why we’re really proud.

Kevin:   Daniel has been a guest on another show that we did which was If I Had My Time Again, and also in the Real Deal. We’ve interviewed you on a number of occasions, you know the thing that stands out for me with some great leaders that I’ve spoken to is this experience they had before they got into real estate that made them want to get in and make some real change, you did that didn’t you? You went to an open home and it must have been a moment for you when you said I can do this better, I can be better at this.

Daniel Gonzalez:   We were lucky enough that I had bought and sold a lot of real estate in my younger years so we looked over  12 or 13 transactions and I really did know what I would do differently and I also saw, okay, cool it seems to be quite consistent around how I was feeling with those transactions but every now and then you’d come across someone special and I really believe there was a gap there for just normalising everything. Normalising the real estate agent as a person, I don’t know why you go into the industry and a tonne of people change. That’s why I say hey, we’re just hippies in real estate doing a really good job of helping our clients achieve the best.

Kevin:   Yeah, today’s segment is all about introducing you again to the audience and giving you an accolade for the award but later in the week, like tomorrow in particular I want to talk to you about what you’ve done different, you just touched some of them for a moment but could I, in closing today just look at what you’ve achieved and you’ve done it in probably one of the toughest markets in Australia right now, that’s the WA market which is going through some really tough times. So for you to do this is really quite outstanding and it says a lot for the differences you’re bringing to the industry so congratulations mate.

Daniel Gonzalez:   Thank you so much Kevin.

Kevin:   Okay we’re going to talk to Daniel tomorrow, we will dig really deep into what he’s done differently. We’ll also going to talk to him later in the week about the tools that he’s used to help him get to where he is, talk about his vision and what would he change or improve if he had his time to do it again? Well, improving on something that’s this good is got to be really dynamic. So we’ll share that with you later in the week. Thanks mate, we’ll talk to you again tomorrow morning.

Daniel Gonzalez:   Thanks Kevin.

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