Many people do not achieve their goals because apart from writing them down they do not plan and time stamp the activities needed to achieve them.

Topic – Mastering time management

Mentor – Danelle Hunter

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Kevin: An interesting association this morning between time management, which has been our topic all this week, with Director of Biggin & Scott Knox, Danelle Hunter, and goal setting.

Kevin: Good morning, Danelle. How are you?

Danelle: Great, how are you?

Kevin: Yeah, I’m great, thank you. Here it is, Friday morning. It’s been a great week. And, Danelle, I’m just interested to see how you’re going to weave goals into time management here.

Danelle: Yep. Well, what I was thinking, so with the goals, I think it’s important that we all have different goals, short-term, long-term, personal goals, and I think in turn that helps us with our time management, because if I know that I want to achieve this by this time, then I’m going to be focusing harder on getting to those goals, rather than if I’ve got none, I’ve got sort of no focus on getting my work done. So I think having those goals allows you to work better to try and achieve what you’re wanting.

Kevin: This could be a reason why many people don’t reach their goals is because they don’t understand the steps that are needed to get there, and the management of time and effort and tasks to actually achieve that goal.

Danelle: Yeah, I think that’s a good point because it’s all about if I know that I want something, I’m going to work harder for it. I think in turn that will make things work better during the day. Whereas if you don’t have a goal and you’re just sitting there thinking, “Okay, I’ve got to prospect today, and I’ve got to do this, and I’ve got to do that,” there’s no sense of urgency, there’s no sense of needing to do it. You’ve got nothing you’re looking forward to.

Kevin: How do you associate that with some personal goals? You’ve obviously got short-term, long-term, and personal goals. Let’s talk about personal goals and time management.

Danelle: Well, obviously my personal goals, we want to continue to grow our business and open more offices, so in turn I need to work out ways to manage my time better so that if we open another office, I can fit that into my day. So by delegating tasks to different staff members and starting to sort of take a step back from everything I’m doing currently, that will then allow me to get those systems into place so that when we do open another office, I have time to be able to actually deal with that. Whereas at the moment I wouldn’t be able to because I haven’t yet set my tasks in place and delegated enough to be able to cope with that.

Kevin: Yeah, gee, that’s such a good point that you make there about setting goals. We talk about being realistic, but you’ve got to have the time to achieve them and plan them out.

Kevin: Danelle, just to round out the series this week, and it’s been great talking to you; thank you. Can you give us just your top tips on how we go about getting better time management disciplines in what we do in our everyday life? Just your top three tips.

Danelle: I think always have a clean area workspace in your mind, make sure that by the end of every day everything is done for the day. I think that’s my number one tip. Number two: work out what’s urgent and what’s not, but don’t put off the things that are not urgent forever. Still get them done, but just at the end of the day. And, number three, just stay focused. Work for your goals and make sure you achieve them.

Danelle: Like for a sales person. If you’re new in the business, make a goal that you need to get one appraisal per day, and then, obviously, in following that, prospecting is going to be something that you’ll be focusing on because you need to get that appraisal, and you’re not going home until you get one appraisal a day.

Kevin: Just break it down into nice simple tasks then make sure you achieve them. And avoid those distractions, too. Identify them and eliminate them out of your day. So, very important.

Kevin: Hey, Danelle, it’s been great talking to you. Thank you so much again for your time. I appreciate that fact.

Kevin: Danelle is a Director of Biggin & Scott Knox. Danelle, we look forward to talking to you again soon.

Danelle: Thank you very much.

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