Getting the WOW factor | No deal to done deal | Offer the solution


You will hear one of the reasons many negotiations fail today from Chris Hanley, Peter Hutton has more on getting the love price and today talks about the WOW factor.

Coach – Chris Hanley – Negotiation tips

  • Time is money – money is time
  • Chip through the front door
  • From no deal to done deal

Working Smarter – Peter Hutton – Nailing the LOVE price

  • Step-3  PRESENT:
  • Why is presentation crucial?
  • Presentation sells – WOW factor
  • Capturing WOW – the hero shot

SkillMark Frater – The Picture Process

  • Earn the right to offer a solution.
  • Explain the solution and the ‘value’ in selecting that solution.
  • Enrol them in your solution.
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