Getting marketing contribution is critical + Just drink the water

Andrew Lutze will discuss this morning exactly when you should raise marketing during a presentation. One of the benefits of becoming a hyper local agent is that you get to focus on just one area thus making it easier to understand the market and become an expert. That will be a great benefit to both the buyer and the seller.

Structuring your presentation to get VPA

Andrew Lutze

  • Cover timing and what they want to achieve
  • When to raise marketing
  • They need to see value in what you are offering

The David and Goliath battle

Lindsay Dodd 

  • Become the expert
  • It will be easy if you ‘go local’
  • Narrow down and understand what is happening

Friday Feature – It is OK to make mistakes but learn from them.  That is the personal message from Dane Atherton.


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