Get them to see it your way | Systems | We do advertising the wrong way around


Ian Grace says that we attack the process of photographing a property and writing the copy for the ad the wrong way round. He explains today.

Mark Frater explains an interesting process of getting people to see a situation from your perspective.

We hear more from Caroline Bolderston today about farming areas.

Coach – Caroline Bolderston – Working a farm area

  • The systems are the hard thing
  • How often do you do it?
  • What to do, to do it effectively?

Working Smarter – Ian Grace – Powerful advertising tips

  • When to take the photo
  • Write the ad first
  • Just like a movie, the script comes first

SkillMark Frater – The Picture Process

  • See it from their perspective first
  • Understand what is going through their head
  • Then you cause a problem with their ‘picture’
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