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Systems are the key if you want to sell more than anyone in your area.  Australasia’s top agent tells us how he performs at a high level.

Topic – View from the top

Mentor – Malek Younan

  • Be honest
  • Don’t take on any baggage
  • Do what you say you will do

Prop Tech with Joel Leslie – Back yourself with the right social strategy


Kevin:  The criteria for judging Australia’s top 100 residential real estate agents published by SQM Research was a series of indicators. I’m gonna look at the second in that series and that is sales numbers. The winner was “Malek Unin” from Wayward Gladstone Park in Victoria and he’s our guest this week. And just a reminder that we’re going to feature and extended, unedited video with Malek a little bit later in the week, so watch out for that. But for today, let’s take you to a discussion about his sales numbers. Okay, now I’m talking to you as an individual ’cause you are the winner of the award. Can I just acknowledge another one of the key steps that came from SQM Research and that is sales numbers, 76000. Now that’s better than one a week. I know you take breaks ’cause you and I spoke when you were actually on holiday, to set this interview up. So I know you take those breaks. So it’s probably closer to two a week. How important to you is getting organised?

Malek:   It is the key. It is the key. Time management in this industry, it is the absolute key. If you’re lazy, if you’re a person that wants to get up late, get home early, this is not the game for you. You need to be organised, you need to know what you’re doing. What I do is the night before, Kevin, you know I like my technology but I like pen and paper. So I sit there, before I finish up for the day I will write everything down that I need to complete for the next day. If it doesn’t get done, I will have to go back to it until it gets scratched off. But pretty much if you put it in your phone, you can’t physically scratch it off, and it’s a proven fact by psychologists that mentally you will finish that task before going home the next day. And that is what I do and that is what I’ve done probably for the last seven, eight years. And it’s allowed me to help me with- When you’re single, you can do a lot. When you’re married, it can get a bit less. When you have one child, and to have three children, a wife, a business, staff, management, time management is the key, Kevin. You’re absolutely right.

Kevin:  Yeah, okay. I think this is one of the things. All the years that I’ve been training, if you ask someone what is it you struggle with? They’ll tell you time management. It’s not you can’t manage time, but you can certainly manage what you do with the time you’ve got ’cause we’ve all got the same amount of time. So given that that’s the case, I learned a lot about you in setting up this interview,-

Malek:   Yes.

Kevin:  … in terms of how you manage your time, you’re very strict almost down to the minute. Which is one of the things I’ve noticed with a lot of really great leaders. So tell me how you go about organising your day in terms of priorities. What do you do?

Malek:   Well if you’re talking about business, this is what I’ll tell you. If you’ve got clients out there that want a lot of your time, you need to make sure you give them that time. Because when you take that business on board, Kevin, Whatever you promise, you need to deliver. That’s first point. Customer service is number one. I agree you might have a 75 year old that wants you to call them because they’re very nervous about a process, they haven’t moved homes for 50 years, and they want your time. You make sure, even if you say, “Hello, Kevin. It’s sunny today, how have you been? Is there anything that you need to know today?” And give them a rundown of what’s gonna happen that week. Then you have other clients which don’t need much of your time.

So you need to allocate the time to the right clients on what they need and deliver that. In terms of things that would make the business money, you need to be all over. Don’t waste your time on catching up on somebody and lets just have some coffee and just talk about real estate. Make those times obviously out of those times when you have that extra spare time with them. And do many productive things where it will pay the bills and give you that extra time with your family then at the end of the day for example like myself six weeks off or so and spend the time with them. Because some people say to me Malek I’m working so hard I don’t have much time with my family. You need to know what you’re doing with time it’s like you said everyone’s worth the same time. Again it’s about structure, procedure following through with what you promised and you’ll be fine. It’s a lot of hard work.

Kevin:  It’s interesting to hear you talk about not wasting time. But you can look for opportunities even if someone wants to have coffee with you there’s go to be something in it for you if you approach it in the right manner. In other words you ask them for are referral or you ask them what they are doing or get a lead. So if you are looking from an opportunity they are always around us Malik.

Malek:   Oh absolutely and don’t get me wrong I love giving. People say to me Malek what I’ve got someone [inaudible 00:04:14]. I’m putting you as one of my mentors. It’s one of the biggest compliments I have had. They go you’re actually one of my mentors when can I catch up with you next week. So I really lock in the time cause people that do that they want to, they’re passionate, obviously want to get somewhere. And they’ve actually looked me up, found me [inaudible 00:04:30] and I’m more than happy to give time for these kind of people, because at some stage I did the same thing when I was 20 21 23 years old and I love giving back, and making sure, I love seeing other people succeed. I’ve got two young guys in my office that have never done real estate. One of them worked at McDonald’s and one of them worked as a carpenter, and now they’re becoming one of the most top agents that are little bit sought after in the last three or four months in my office. And they’ve only worked there for seven months.

I had never had that training when I started, Never, no one put that time into me. But I love seeing other people succeed and I love giving back at the same time. It’s not all about the money but if you had to itemise it’s a money productive thing to need to put your time in, And the clients that need you more and others you need to fit them in, you need to give back to the community because, remember, when people sell in a community they are giving to you so you need to give back.

Kevin:  Tomorrow with Malek, we’ll have a look at his list-to-sell ratio which is well above the top 100 average it can tell you. And we’ll also talk about his feedback to sellers in the event that he finds someone who’s not, maybe, as motivated as you thought. That’s tomorrow when Malek returns.

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