Follow a set schedule

Discipline is what allows you the flexibility to do whatever you want.

Topic – It’s all in your mind

Mentor – Chadi Bazzi

  • Have the right structure
  • Plan before the day
  • Respect your schedule


Kevin:   … We’ve had a great week this week talking to our guest mentor, Chadi Bazzi, from the States, and Chadi’s website is his name, but you’ll find the link on every one of the pages this week on RE Uncut. Chadi’s been joining us talking about listings on demand, getting listings, dominating your market, having the right mindset. Yesterday we touched on the three areas of getting these things right: your body, your mind, and your skill, in that order. What about your schedule? What schedule do you recommend your clients have, because from talking to you this week, so far Chadi, I’d say that it’s probably fairly detailed.

Chadi:   You know, it’s detailed and flexible at the same time, but the discipline is what allows you the flexibility to do whatever you want, et cetera, and it’s funny that you ask me to speak about that right now because I was on a training earlier and one of the people in there, her name is Lisa. Okay, I was, “Lisa what can I help you with this week?” And she’s, “I feel like I am so overwhelmed. I’m so overwhelmed, I’m so overwhelmed.” And I was, “Show me your schedule.” This was via video. She pulled up her schedule, it was freaking damn blank. And I was, “Everything’s in your mind, there’s nothing in your freaking’ damn schedule, of course you’re going to be overwhelmed, et cetera.

Chadi:   So what I teach my clients is the following: you’re an independent contractor because you are your own boss.  Wrong thinking, your schedule is your boss, and you gotta honour what your boss tells you to do every single day. So I teach my clients a three step philosophy, how to build the most effective schedule. Can I walk you through the three steps?

Kevin:   You may, please. Yes.

Chadi:   Awesome. So we split up the schedule into three different segments. Segment number one, I call it “get in the zone”. So segment number one is get in the zone, and this is the part of your schedule that takes place from the time you wake up, till the time you get to the office.  So during this time, the only activities you wanna engage in, are the activities that are gonna get you in the zone. You know what I’m talking about when I say, “You’re in the zone.” You’re focused, you’re energetic, and you just wanna take on the world.

Chadi:   Well, that doesn’t happen by default, that’s something that my clients do by having the right rituals every single morning. So I told my client, “Number one, wake up at the same time every single day. Wake up at the same time every single day.”

Chadi:   Okay, number two, journal every single morning. Number three, read something positive every single morning, even if it’s only five minutes. Do some form of exercise. Do a visualisation every single morning,  visualisation. And then I say … We said the journal, and then some form of exercise every single morning to wake up your body, and some form of something that you do on a daily basis to up-level your skill set. It could be a role-play session with a colleague, it could be you writing down, “How can I best handle this situation, or this objection.” Et cetera.

Chadi:   So that’s the “get in the zone” part of the schedule. That should pretty much look the same every single day. Part two of the schedule, it’s called “get the business.” Okay? Get the business. So now we’ve got in the zone, now we gotta get the business. Now, this part of the schedule takes place from the moment you get to the office, till the moment you break for lunch. This is the time where you’re only involved in activities that are going to help you generate business, whether that be calling all “for sale by owners”, calling expired, whatever people do in Australia and here in the US. Whether it’s doing Open House, doing something to generate the business.

Chadi:   Whatever you do to generate business, that’s what you do from the time you get to the office, till the time you break for lunch. And then, segment number three, which begins from the time you return from lunch until whenever you wish to end your day, is service the business. Give the service, whether that’s going on appointments, doing admin work, whatever you gotta do, and that’s it.

Chadi:   So, with my personal one-on-one clients that are getting the biggest results, Kevin, those are the people that control their schedule literally from the time they wake up, till the time they break for lunch. And if you do that every single day, the rest just falls into place.

Kevin:   Yeah, get in the zone, do that first-up, then get the business, and then service the business. And I think the other point, too, is that you’ve really gotta respect that schedule. Respect it and do it every day. I think you made the point right at the outset, that virtually becomes your boss.

Chadi:   Absolutely. Can I give one more point on that real quickly, Kevin?

Kevin:   Yep.

Chadi:   Okay. So one of the challenges that I do with my clients when they first create that schedule, I say the following: I say, “I want you to keep track of what you do every hour, on the hour. And then, obviously on the left-hand side there’s … Say for example, it says, 8:00 to 9:00 am prospect. On the right-hand side, I want you to just write down, what did you actually do?” You’ll be surprised at the end of the day, you’ll be … That’s when you’re really able to deal with stuff because now you know exactly what’s pulling you off the schedule.

Chadi:   So I say, “There’s your schedule, and there’s what you actually did, and then you gotta bridge the gap.”

Kevin:   Yeah, sometimes there’s a big gap between reality and what you perceive you might have done. It could be a bit of a shock, actually.

Chadi:   Absolutely.

Kevin:   Hey Chadi, it’s been fantastic talking to you, thank you so much for your time this week. Go back over it, have another listen to this, particularly pick up on the journal, and the five key questions you need to ask yourself. All of it’s there for you, go back and review it this week. Chadi Bazzi has been my guest, there’s a link to his website; it’s a great website, there’s a tremendous podcast, a lot of really good information there as well. Chadi, thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure talking to you. And we look forward to having you back on the show again at some time in the future.

Chadi:   Thank you, Kevin, I appreciate you, buddy. Keep up the good work as well.

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