Don’t be a one hit wonder on Facebook

Content created by most agents attracts an engaged and interested audience, but this audience never hears from the agent again….at least until the next listing video gets boosted.

Topic – 5 ways agents get Facebook wrong

Mentor – John Hellaby

  • Most will post a listing, a video or some content, hit “boost” and hope it works!
  • So where is the engagement?
  • Don’t miss out on prospecting an audience of interested engaged people
  • The solution is to re-target


Kevin: Yesterday when I finished talking to John Hellaby I mentioned that we’d come back today and talk about one hit wonders. No one wants to be a one hit wonder. Especially not in the music world. Yet you don’t want to be a one hit wonder when you’re an agent either. And we are talking about Facebook with John Hellaby. John, relate this one hit wonder to Facebook into real estate for me please.

John : Absolutely, look, what’s happening out in the marketplace right at the moment is agents are starting to realize, look Facebook is definitely the goal, it’s an incredibly cost effective median and an amazing marketing platform. But the limit of Facebook advertising and what they actually do is they put a listing up and maybe they put a couple photos up and a link through listing and then hit that Boost Button and they sit back and they hope it works. And that’s literally all they do.

John : Now if you’ve ever been to a sales training conference or sales day or anything like that and Kevin, I know you and I have done hundreds of them, more than what we can count. One of the things that always gets drilled into us is that most sales people fall off after about the third contact, right?

Kevin: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John : But it takes between eight and sixteen, depending on which study you’re looking at. I’ve looked at ones that have all different numbers so I’ve just gone the wide range, eight to sixteen contacts, right before you actually convert that prospect into a sale. Now the equivalent of that on Facebook is that most agents are hitting Boost, they’re sitting back and going, “Well I hope that works. You know, it should work.” And of course most of the time it doesn’t and they go, “Oh, why is it not working?” The reason it’s not working is because they’ve generated a heap of interest but a very, very small percentage of people are going to take action on that first point of contact. So they’re not sitting there and creating an audience. They are not then putting a call to action in front of that audience of people who, through their action, have demonstrated interest in the listing video or the content that the agent’s put up. As a result, they fall into the bin of one hit wonders.

Kevin: But what’s the solution?

John : The solution is to learn how to re-target. The solution is to learn how to build audiences. But also to treasure your audiences. You know we’ve had trainers over the years talked about developing your tribe and building a following in that. It’s no different here on Facebook. If people are engaging with your content, they’re interested. And I know tomorrow we’re going to talk about that and really dive deep into that so hopefully that’ll tie everything together that I’ve been saying over the last few days. But it’s so important that you build that audience and you put more content and you put call to actions in front of that audience so you generate a constant contact system.

Kevin: So if I can understand, we put something up, people come to it, they show some interest, I can then group them together then I need a marketing campaign to keep coming back to them, to keep giving them more information until the point when they do actually engage. Am I reading that right, John?

John : Absolutely. Absolutely. Much like, you know when you plug people into your CRM and at a certain period of time, they get a this and this, they get an automated letter, they get an email, very, very similar. But you can set it up so that Facebook does it automatically for you. All you’ve got to do is build that audience and then say, right, I want to send this out to that audience. And that’s pretty much as simple as it is.

Kevin: Yeah. Because that’s the missing link, isn’t it? I mean I know I’ve always looked at Facebook as this thing that’s out there, you put content on and you hope to hell that something’s going to happen with it but you can actually take a lot more control by doing the things that you’re talking about. That’s the missing link.

John : That is the missing link. In fact, hopefully we’ll get to do it in time as this goes to air, let’s put something in place to demonstrate this, Kevin. Let’s actually have everybody who’s listening to the REUNCUT up ’til today, let’s make sure that they get in their Facebook Feed tomorrow, the next steps show that we’re doing.

Kevin: Okay. All right. So you’ll do that, will you?

John : Absolutely. Let’s do it. Let’s demonstrate it so that they can actually see this working and how it plays out.

Kevin: Okay. All right. Well watch out for that tomorrow morning. Hey, John, there itched to experiment for not only the audience but for me as well so thank you. I don’t know how this is going to work out but we’ll give it a shot. Good on you, mate.

John : We’re going to dive in and just have a bit of fun, right?

Kevin: Yeah. Absolutely. I’ll talk to you again tomorrow morning.

John : Look forward to it.

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