Concern about sales volume + Getting used to the “new models” of business

This week and next week we will feature the thoughts and comments of our industries best thought leaders as they discuss the challenges we will face as an industry next year. We will look at the opportunities and the threats and what we can do now to prepare. Today we feature comment from Angus Raine and Charles Tarbey.

Industry Thought Leaders look at what is ahead
Angus Raine and Charles Tarbey 

Love thy rent roll
“A shakeout in the first quarter of 2017” – Angus Raine
2 types of markets
Impact of an oversupply

Marketing Monday – The need for more transparent pricing is just one of the key findings in the Core Logic Buyer Perceptions Report.  Kylie Davis explains how both buyers and vendors want agents to demonstrate pricing expectations with data proof points. Provide recent sales and data to support asking prices. Direct clients to tools and reports so they can sanity check their thinking.

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