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When you want to move to the next level it’s important to know where you are right now. That’s what I discuss today with Darren Saunderson and we are also joined by Josh Stirling who helps us with the language we need to use to help sellers see reality.

Coach – Darren Saunderson – Questions to ask yourself to move to the next level

  • What do you want to do quickly that you are unable to do now?
  • Have structure
  • Move away from a job in the direction of a business
  • What you measure you can manage

Working Smarter – Josh Stirling – Having the courage to tell sellers how it is

  • Don’t get wedded to price
  • Stay removed
  • Ask permission

Marketing Monday – How do you go about marketing yourself at the start of your career? Sherrie Storor speaks from experience.

Last Word – Charles Tarbey’s best advice.

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