Brand and culture belief

Learn to lean on the quality of the brand and the quality of the culture.

Topic – Michaels 2018 takeaways

Mentor – Michael Sheargold

  • Don’t be an island
  • Be the first to step forward
  • Stand on the shoulders of great people

Developing your leadership style – Jacob Aldridge. Where an agency changes into a process business and you have to remove bottlenecks. At what point does that growth stabilise?


Kevin:   As we build on the story of how you can prepare yourself for 2019 with our special guest this week, Michael Sheargold.

New Speaker:    We chose Michael specifically because of his wonderful ability to help us get the right mindset. This is the perfect time, now, this week, for you to be doing exactly that and framing yourself up for 2019.

Kevin:   Michael, welcome to the show again and thanks for giving us your time. We always appreciate your input. You make so much sense. Can we talk today about brand and culture and belief?

Michael:   Yeah, it’s actually about your brand and your culture beliefs. I think sometimes people and agents are operating a little bit as islands and haven’t to be leaning on the quality of the brand and leaning on the quality of the culture. So rather than being an island, this year, I think it’s gonna be bringing arms together, it’s gonna be connecting arms and saying “okay, together we will achieve more.” We’ve all heard that team sort of saying together, everyone achieves more. Well this is so so true in real estate, yet quite often, because of some perceived competition, we pull away from the brand. We pull away from culture as opposed to moving towards it. So, when we’ve got brand and culture belief, let me tell you, it makes a big difference. Not only how we operate but how everyone in the team operates.

Michael:   So, a lot of the time I liken it to, you know, we’re at a pool party or at a dance or something like that and no one wants to be the first to get on the dance floor. The thing I would suggest to people who are tuned in and listening to this, is just be the first to step forward. Be more pro the brand and more pro the culture, and bring people into that. Because the more that you are linking arms, the stronger you are as a team – I can guarantee the better not only that the individual results will achieve, but the collective results you will achieve too.

Kevin:   Yeah this highlights what I think has been a big problem for the industry. And that is this thought that we need to go it alone. That we need to build our own brand when there are so many great brands and so many great cultures that if you become a part of them, it’s standing on the shoulders of great people, Michael, I think.

Michael:   I absolutely agree with you. And look there’s a few cases out there saying, you know, I’m a great believer you’re a business within a business so you’ve got to take that sort of entrepreneurial mode that you’re doing what you need to do, yet when you lean on the brand, when you lean on the culture and become part of it rather than resist it, it makes a massive difference to the flow and how you operate within. There’s a lot of cases out there saying, do your own thing, and you’re doing your own thing, and it’s all about you, it’s all about you. When in actual fact, it’s rare that you solely individually achieve results for the client. It’s actually how you play together as a team and how the message comes through as a team that will really build the quality of momentum in the marketplace. And Kevin, momentum is an agents best friend. Momentum is a business’s best friend.

Kevin:   Yeah. You know one of the things that amazes me, and I have worked with some pretty big groups in my career, is how many people are attracted to a group. And the moment they get there, they want to change it. They’re attracted to it because it is so good, so powerful, albeit from the outside. Then they get inside and they think well I want to change it. I don’t like the colours, or I don’t like this. I mean it just seems so strange to me.

Michael:   You are 100% correct. Some of the time what happens is people go well where I used to work I did this, or I did this differently, or we did this differently, or I don’t do that or I don’t do this. Well, why would you do this as opposed to leaning and focusing on the main end of the game? And sometimes I’ve seen agents spend a lot of time and energy and focus on the wrong thing. I’m not sure if I like this particular colour. Dude, the time you’re spending looking at the colour – if you were to make five phone calls and connect with existing clients and really put some energy into the right things, it’d be massively dollar productive. Would that make a far more significant difference as to where you’re at and where you’re going to be in the long term?

Kevin:   Isn’t it funny, going back to Monday, 31st of December. One of the things that you talked about was less problems, better skills. It’s really getting the right focus. Forget about the colours, let’s talk about the real important stuff, which is you and your mindset.

Michael:   Yes, 100%. Awesome.

Kevin:   It is awesome. It’s always great talking to you. Thank you very much, Michael Sheargold. We’ll come back again tomorrow and we’ll wrap this week up. Thanks Michael. Talk to you in the morning.

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