Awareness – Knowing why you do what you do

As we help you shake off the baggage of 2017 and get ready for next year – we talk about what habits and behaviours hold us back from achieving great success in real estate, these can be mindsets, drinking, smoking, drugs and lifestyles that drain our energy.

Topic – Shake off baggage for 2018

Mentor – Sandra Larkin

  • What behaviour to do you want to say goodbye to?
  • When did it start and what happened in your life at that time?
  • Timeline – what happened in your life that you decided to change the way you are

Marketing Monday – The stereotype of the big, street smart, self-taught real estate agent is being challenged by a new breed of business educated and managerially savvy agents.  Hear about the report that reveals all today as we catch up the report co-author Kylie DavisCheck out her blog on it here.

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