A goal vs a wish | Black’cating | Building mental toughness


As Jet Xavier rounds out his sessions with us about his elite performance formula, today he’ll talk about building mental toughness.

Did you know that a goal written down is three times more likely to be achieved? Mark Creedon points out that if your goal is not written down it is simply a wish.

Tony Williamson will tell us today what he means when he refers to Black-Cating.

Coach – Mark Creedon – Business Myths

  • A goal not written down is a wish
  • 3 times more likely to achieve it
  • You need a clear picture

Working Smarter – Tony Williamson – Highly effective communication techniques

  • Black-Cating
  • A form of one upmanship
  • How shutting up will help build rapport
  • What real estate is all about

Friday Comment – Jet Xavier continues to take us through his elite performance formula.

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