Michael Sheargold challenges a theory + Uber cars to impact property

This week Michael Sheargold takes us on a different journey from what you might expect. We don’t talk about skills, we talk about the quality of your life.

Not everyone wants to be a $1M agent!

Mentor – Michael Sheargold

  • Enjoy life and do good business
  • Chest beating at conferences
  • Are you driven by ego?

Marketing Monday – Why did Greg Dickason sell his car?  Why is that going to make him rich?  What does that have to do with real estate?

2 thoughts on “Michael Sheargold challenges a theory + Uber cars to impact property

  1. Cathy Roselli says:

    Todays poscast with Michael resonated with me today…..
    I have just recently published an article in out local “Hobson” Magazine ( Auckland ) along a similar vein…..

    “If your child looked up at you and asked ‘what does success mean?’ what would you say? Is it how much money you make? Your job title? Or is it the difference you make and the people you help? The way any parent answers that question can set the tone for the way that child will see the world and their own achievements.
    We asked local Ray White real estate salesperson Cathy Roselli how she defines success after nearly three decades at the top of her game.
    Born into a small ‘not on the map’ South Island West Coast community, Cathy says the way she was raised is to thank for the tireless work ethic and integrity she’s known for today.
    “My parents were very giving and community-focused. They taught my brothers and sisters and I to be mindful of who we are and not to measure success by how much money you make. That can often feel at odds with today’s world and nowhere is that more apparent than amongst real estate sales people.
    “Our success often appears to be defined by the value of the properties we’ve sold. You’ll often here ‘I’ve sold $30 million worth of property in six months’ or whatever other metric deemed the yard stick by which to measure performance.”
    Naturally, it begs the question: why did a woman who started out as a teacher then transition into share broking before settling on real estate?
    “I love helping people through times of change and helping them to reach their goals.”
    “It wouldn’t be hard to follow that old pattern of behaviour and advertise the financial value behind what I’ve achieved but is a monetary sum how you judge a sales person’s performance?
    “There are salespeople I know around the country who are routinely some of the best performers. But because they’re not selling properties in the upper echelons of the market their financial totals aren’t as high as others. Does that make them less successful?”
    Speak to any of the clients Cathy’s helped to buy or sell a home and they’ll confirm she’s not about the transaction, she’s about the relationship. Cathy’s sold houses of all shapes and sizes from townhouses to mansions earning her the title of ‘the people’s real estate woman of choice’.
    “For me, naturally the end result is imperative. But I think it’s important to make it a good experience for buyer and seller along the way.”
    “That’s a real focus for us at Ray White and that comes from our chairman Brian White who’s been able to grow his grandfather’s business while maintaining the family values it was built upon. He’s never lost sight of what’s important or that sense of community.”

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    1. Thank you Cathy. Well said. I have had personal experience with the Ray White family and I echo your comments about the family. I would love to see the article. Is it online? Kevin

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