Many salespeople think it’s the logical next step

John Cunningham and his wife Ann started Cunninghams in 1991 and they have built it into one of the country’s great independents.  If he had his time again, would he do it the same way?  John is the third subject in the series we have developed with Business Depot called “If I Had My Time Again”.  A series of conversations with leading business owners.

“If I had my time again….” – John Cunningham

Mentor – Jacob Aldridge

  • He sat down with some previous clients
  • Market Fit
  • Choose the right people, empower them, and keep making sure everyone knows where the business is going
  • John is risk averse but opening any business takes risk

The EDGE with Mark Creedon 

If you are wondering why you never seem to get on top of your ‘to do’ list then you will want to hear Mark’s tip this week.

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