Managing the expectations of buyers and sellers

There is no doubt that the balancing act that we have to master as real estate agents is made more difficult by the fact that we need to represent both the buyer and the seller. This can cause some feelings of a conflict of interest, but at the end of the day it is really just a matter of balancing the expectations of both the buyer and the seller. That’s the topic of our conversation this week with Jason Andrew. Would you like to know the 7 habits of highly successful agents? We share those with you today with Kylie Davis from Core Logic.

The keys to balancing seller and buyer expectations while building trust

Mentor – Jason Andrew

  • The great gap
  • What is a premium?
  • Manage the greed
  • Watch the language

Marketing Monday – Kylie Davis from Core Logic joins us today to discuss today’s blog on the site about what top agents do.

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