Look after yourself

People just naturally tend to magnate to people who have that positivity and that confidence.

Topic – Getting your head into 2019

Mentor – Amber Werchon

  • The whole parcel
  • Mental AND physical
  • Discipline

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Kevin:   Helping you get into 2019, getting your head straight. Our guest this week is Amber Werchon from Amber Werchon Property. So far, this week we’ve looked at reviewing last year, going back, making some plans, setting some goals, creating a routine, and yesterday eliminating distractions. Today the topic is all about looking after yourself. Is this physically or mentally that you’re talking about, Amber?

Amber:   I think it is the whole parcel. I think it’s starting from eating well and moving, or exercising, and making sure mentally you’re the best you can be as well.

Kevin:   It gets back to what we talked about a couple of days ago about writing that morning journal to get your mind right, isn’t it? It’s just as important to have your mind right as your body right.

Amber:   Yes, I think you’ve got to feel good. I think it does help if you also look good for you to be the most confident and your best self that you can be. You’d be surprised. I think that people just naturally tend to magnate to people who have that positivity and that confidence.

Kevin:   You have to work at it because there is no easy path to this. Cutting back on sugar, cutting back on alcohol, and doing all those things that do actually help you get your mind right. It requires a lot of discipline to do that, Amber.

Amber:   Yes. That’s never been a problem for me, discipline. I’m a very disciplined person, naturally. I do believe that looking after yourself is a holistic approach, and all those things all affect each other too. Like you said, what you eat can affect how you feel, et cetera.

Kevin:   Regular exercise, I can’t remember whether we talked about it in one of our interviews or whether we did it off air, but exercising on a regular basis, and that can become part of your morning routine. Even if it’s only five or 10 minutes, a bit of stretching or aerobic exercise would all help you get your mind right.

Amber:   Yes. I know for me, personally, because I run around like a chook with my head chopped off, generally, it’s good for me to slow down. So I tend to favour things like yoga than, say, running a marathon because I think that would just probably exhaust my body type.

Kevin:   It’s interesting you say that because my job, really, I sit here quite often. I can sit in the studio here for maybe half a day, and really not move. Therefore, I do need the physical exercise. We go bike riding. I guess if I had a physical job, and I was running around like you, probably I would go towards yoga.

Amber:   Yes, I think it’s about having balance.

Kevin:   Yeah, you’re right. That’s what life is all about, having a bit of balance. That’s actually what we’re helping you get this week. Amber Werchon, our guest. We’ll come back tomorrow. Wonderful topic when we talk to Amber tomorrow. Make sure you don’t miss that one. Amber, talk to you in the morning.

Amber:   Thanks, Kevin.

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