Leverage your time | Complaints on social media | They don’t want a friend


Another one of the great questions you need to ask yourself if you really want to move to the next level from Darren Saunderson, Josh Stirling talks about what sellers really want from us and we also hear from Michelle Williams and Charles Tarbey.

Coach – Darren Saunderson – Questions to ask yourself to move to the next level

  • What support tools, resources, skills or empowerment do you need to be even more successful?
  • Leverage your time
  • Time management

Working Smarter – Josh Stirling – Having the courage to tell sellers how it is

  • What sellers really want from you
  • Don’t look to be their friend
  • Don’t wrap them in cotton wool

Property Management – Michelle Williams talks about how she handles bad comments on social media.

Last Word – Charles Tarbey’s vision.

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