Lack of focus | Use the whole team | Build people

A lack of focus and distractions will work in tandem to neutralize your efforts and torpedo your dreams.

One reason 80% of agents suffer from good month-bad month syndrome is because the hard work they do is cancelled out by a lack of focus and not being able to handle distractions.

Hear what Ray Wood has to say about that. Daniel Hayes and Tara Bradbury join us as well.

Coach – Ray Wood – Beating the deadly dream destroyers

  • Focus and direction
  • Start the day knowing what you want to complete
  • Reward yourself

Working Smarter – Daniel Hayes – Why so many agents fail when they move from sales

  • What attributes are needed to run a successful real estate agency?
  • Be a ‘builder of people’
  • Help them grow

Property Management – Tara Bradbury – Building a rent roll without a sales team – Use the full department – the whole team

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