I’m no good at anything else

Is going back to the basics the answer to succeeding?  Maybe it is having a crack with a different frame of mind.

Topic – What have you done differently?

Mentor – Daniel Gonzalez

  • “I love this and music”
  • Clients should be able to ‘feel’ it
  • Be super process-driven

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Kevin:   Well here it is Tuesday and I’ve just learned something. You would be aware that we prerecord these segments of course. That’s how we can send them out to you and we do a number of them at a time.

Kevin:   Daniel Gonzalez who is my guest has just told me that he’s actually with his mom because she’s turned 70 last night as we record. Daniel, that’s just amazing mate. I want to wish your mum a very happy birthday from us.

Daniel:   Thank you, Kevin.

Kevin:   And I also want to thank her for allowing us to cut into your time with her cause you’ve got to go back to Perth. Good on you. Hey mate thank you.

Kevin:   Can I just follow on from our conversation yesterday which was where we were talking about the gap that you notice, the things that you thought you could bring to the industry that would help you achieve your goal, but also maybe shape some change in the industry. What have you done differently?

Daniel:   Okay. We hear that question all the time and it’s hard to answer for ourselves. It’s always easier when clients speak about what have we actually done differently for them and how they felt and things. It’s a lot easier. But going … I think from our side. When I got into this industry, Kevin I’m no good at anything else. It was either music or this and I loved both careers and I just had to be really good at this as I always was really afraid that I didn’t have a trade. I tried everything else. Believe me. I’ve tried all sorts of things and I just sucked at everything so for me, it had to work. And because it was something that I got into so passionately I really had spent a lot of time trying to research as much as I possibly could and to analyse as much as I could.

Kevin:   Yeah. How much do you put down to … and I understand why you found it very difficult to answer that question because great people who do things really well I find it comes natural. And they really can’t tell me what it is that makes them stand out. This natural ability to communicate, this natural ability to feel good about people. People, they can read it can’t they? It’s like antenna. They know when you’re genuine. They know when you’re full of bull.

Daniel:   Absolutely. I actually call … you know I’m not sure we can say on radio, but for us it’s the GAF factor and that’s all we’re about.

Kevin:   The what factor?

Daniel:   The GAF factor.

Kevin:   What’s that?

Daniel:   Giving a fuck, Kevin.

Kevin:   Fair enough. That’s okay. Is that what you … you really genuinely … putting it another way

Daniel:   I don’t have to. The clients can feel it, like you said before. I don’t need to be saying to them we’re caring and we’re going to do this. It’s just … we’re doing it and they can feel that. So it’s week in, week out. Day in, day out. They know that we’re working on their project and they can feel it. They know we’re really there and what a difference it makes when we’re having a conversation with regard to where the feedback level is and how the weekend went and what changes we propose making. All of a sudden it’s just, okay, cool, let’s do it. There’s no argument or no pressure … that’s cool because they can feel the level of care that we actually have. They can feel it and they can see it. They don’t need to be hearing it.

Kevin:   I mentioned yesterday the video. And I strongly suggest you go and have a look at the web site. Daniel’s web site which is realtylane.com.au. Have a look at the video because one thing that I noticed about the people who are in the video, they say, ah well we saw all of things things around about Daniel. We saw his signs everywhere. We saw the results he was getting. But the moment he walked in the room, we knew straight away we could work with him. See and this is … you can get into the door, but unless you’re genuine, you’re just not always gonna get the deal.

Daniel:   Absolutely. Absolutely. And it is a combination of everything, too. I don’t want your listeners and agents out there to think yeah it’s just … you know make clients feel like you’re gonna really do something. Yes, we are super process-driven. Yes, we’re detailed. Yes, we’ve got it all. Every bit of the process is outlined in detail and explained. But it’s also the belief in our ability to achieve the outcome that they need and they can really feel that. So there’s a lot of things that are tied into being able to be chosen, but then once you’re chosen what do you do with it? That’s the biggest thing. So many times you end up being chosen at the table but if you’re not delivering that outcome, but also if you’re not caring for the client all the way through, it really derails the process at the end and someone else will come in and end up selling that property.

Kevin:   Well said, mate. You there talked about the tools that you use. The backend, you do the same as everyone else. It’s the difference at the front end. And that’s what I want to talk to you about tomorrow. The tools that you use. Are you a back to basics person? Let’s talk about your vision and so on. We’ll talk about the real tools behind your success.

Kevin:   Good on you, mate. Reminding you once again my guest is Daniel Gonzalez, who took out the award in western Australia recently at the awards for REIWA. The highest value of property sold in the entire state for the year. He’s our guest this week and I’ll talk to him again tomorrow. Thanks, Daniel. Talk to you then.

Daniel:   Thanks, Kevin.


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