How to communicate with downsizers

The current generation of downsizers is not as frugal as their parents and their needs are different. You need to communicate differently.

Topic – Upskill on downsizing

Mentor – Greg Oddy

  • Talk in their language
  • Be aware they still want to live local
  • Get a report on the most searched areas

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Kevin:   Well as we continue our journey into looking at the downsizing market, a massive opportunity for real estate agents and property managers we identified yesterday. To reach this emerging market, is a website that’s devoted totally to accommodating to this market. It’s a good opportunity for agents to put their listings on there, to maybe point some of their buyers towards it as well, but Greg Oddy is the man we’re talking to. He’s the director of sales and marketing at Greg, today I’d like to talk to you about how to market to these people. You’ve got a really good feeling for this audience, what turns them on. We’ve already talked about that. How do we communicate with them? Help us with some copy ideas maybe.

Greg:   First of all, good morning, Kevin. Yes, it’s very important. We see a lot of ads being written, but they’re not really talking to the actual downsizers, so I think first of all it’s important to say this is a great property for the downsizer, and say why. Is it because of the price or the location of the property? Is is because of the appliances of the property? Is it near a medical centre or travel or transportation? A lot of the normal rules apply as far as what copy to put in the ad, but I think in particular reaching out to this particular demographic and hitting the key points about what’s important to them. A couple of other points is understanding that the people in this demographic as opposed to their parents, they’re not as frugal as their parents would have been, so they’re certainly prepared to spend up big if they’ve managed to have sold high and now they’re buying potentially in a lower market as well.

Kevin:   Yeah.

Greg: So a lot of things to consider.

Kevin:   Yeah, I think too when you’re writing copy, paint a picture about parking the Winnebago, taking it away, low maintenance, lock it and leave it, all of those things that will really tell a great story in your copy, and you paint the picture for people who just can’t see it, maybe not have even thought about it I would think, Greg?

Greg: Yeah, absolutely. The ad really needs to be targeted towards the perception of the downsizer and where they see themselves spending their next 10, 15 or 20 years hopefully, so really paint that picture as you say, Kevin.

Kevin:   Yeah. The areas, we talked there about the types of property that they’re talking about, how to appeal to them. Have you got any stats that you can share with us about where they’re looking? Are there any typical suburbs or areas, or do you find that they want to live close to where they live now?

Greg:  A couple of things. We’re finding a lot more people are wanting to stay within a 20, 30 kilometre radius of where they’ve been living for the past many years, and that’s probably one point, which is sort of debunking the myth of sea change and tree change, as much as that still exists, but some people have moved away and then wanted to move back into a metro area and couldn’t back into the market, for example. From outside, one place that stands out in particular would be the Central Coast of New South Wales. In our national monthly searches, there are constantly multiple suburbs in the Central Coast that stand out, and that’s probably due to the proximity to the largest city in the country, and then there’s obviously other mid North Coast and in Queensland areas, and growing in Victoria as well in certain areas, but Central Coast is certainly one that stands out as being high on the search radius for us.

Kevin:   Well, earlier in the week on Tuesday, we made the offer for you to download a special survey or white paper that’s been prepared by Downsizing. We’ll make that offer again today because I understand you’ve got a report on the most searched suburbs, both national and per state that you can share with us as well, Greg.

Greg:  Yeah, we’ve put together a bit of a guide on downsizing which dives into some of our searched areas, and we’re sort of just preparing that at the moment, so we’ll have something for you and your listeners to have in the short term very soon, mate.

Kevin:   Okay, well there’ll be a link for you to download these papers today, and if it’s not available when this does actually go to air, we’ll make sure that we get it to you, just let us know that you’re interested. Greg Oddy from, thanks for your time. I want to talk to you tomorrow when we come back round this series out about how the market’s changing to accommodate downsizers. You touched on that just briefly with developers, but we’ll talk more about that tomorrow when we come back. Thanks, Greg. Talk to you then.

Greg:  Thank you Kevin.

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