How do you start the day?

An average mindset with an above-average skillset will only give you average results.   An above-average mindset with average skills will give you above-average results.

Topic – It’s all in your mind

Mentor – Chadi Bazzi

  • Your body
  • Your mind
  • Your skills


Kevin:   Certainly, as we’re hearing this week with our guest mentor, Chadi Bazzi, mindset is key to getting on top of the industry. To helping you dominate your market. But do you know there were two other things that you need to work on as well? That is your body and your skills. What order do they come in? What order would you put them in? Chadi, good morning.

Chadi:   Good morning, Kevin. Kevin, of course, mind before skill. You know, it’s something I always talk about with my clients. An average mindset, okay, with an above-average skillset will only give you average results. Watch this. An above-average mindset with average skills will give you above-average results.

Kevin:   That’s fantastic.

Chadi:   You have the right mindset. You’re creative, you’re hungry. You’re more clever. You’ll figure out a way with the right mindset. So mindset is definitely more critical than skill set, but both of them combined, like if you have an above-average skill set and you have an above-average mind set? You’re unstoppable. And to talk about that real quickly … I wanna say something about that.

Kevin:   Oh, please do. Yeah, yeah.

Chadi:   I have a client by the name of Kathleen, and we did an interview with her on the podcasting agent show, and Kathleen is someone I worked with on developing the right mindset and developing the right skill set. She actually did some NLP training with me, so she became a master of influence. She was earning about $500,000 a year in the state of California, and then one day they wanted to move to the east coast. Literally 2,000 miles away. You’re leaving like a half a million dollar business, and you’re going to a brand new marketplace. Well, guess what? There was absolutely no fear. There was only certainty. The certainty of, “I have the right mindset, I have the right skill set. It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re gonna drop me, I’m gonna be able to create something.”

Chadi:   Sure enough, literally in the first 90 days, she took like 12 listings in a brand new marketplace where she absolutely knows no one.

Kevin:   Wow, that’s a fantastic story, and I’m really keen because I said at the outset Chadi that body, mind and skill if you put them in the right frame there, mind before skill. But you get your body right, you work on your body and that’s gonna have a huge impact on your mind, isn’t it?

Chadi:   You know what, you’re absolutely right. A lot of times, some people tell you, “Think your way into it.” Sometimes you’ve just gotta act your way into it. That’s why it’s critically important to be able to have the right energy. How can you have enthusiasm without energy? One of the things that I tell my clients is every single day is, “Look, we’re not looking to be Mr. or Miss Olympus and have big muscles and all of that stuff, we’re just working on being in the best physical condition that we can possibly be so our body can handle whatever stress the business is gonna give us so we can we do our job at the highest and most effective manner that we could every single day.”

Chadi:   I encourage my clients every single day, I say, “Hey, look. Even if you don’t wanna go to the gym, just do some push ups, do some sit ups, do some jumping jacks. Take a walk around the block, take a jog to do something to get that blood flowing and moving.”

Kevin:   Going back just a couple of days, we talked about dominating your market through having the right listing presentation, and those steps were the intro, reconnect and remotivate. Getting the pricing right in marketing and closing, but the second point reconnect, I still remember you talking about that, and I was thinking to myself at the time if I’d opened the door and Chadi was standing there and he introduced himself with as much enthusiasm as he did on Tuesday in the interview, you’d be halfway there, Chadi.

Kevin:   It’s all about … no one’s going to buy you if they find that you are boring and unmotivated. You’ve gotta be up there. All of the time.

Chadi:   Absolutely 100% correct. So that’s exactly why we’ve gotta have the right habits and the right rituals every single day to put ourselves in that optimal space.

Kevin:   You can’t fake it until you make it, because they can read it. So you’ve got to keep the energy up. Okay, so work on your body, work on your mind, work on your skills. My guest is Chadi Bazzi. We’ve gotta round this out tomorrow. We’ll talk about the schedule that you use Chadi, and that you recommend your clients use as well. We’ll talk to you again tomorrow morning. Thanks for your time.

Chadi:   You’ve got it. Thank you.

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