Help them understand and perform + Be on the ball on ‘show day’

Auction day is when all the activity culminates into what will, hopefully, be a successful outcome. It will be, if you’ve done everything we have discussed this week with Will Hampson but you’ll still need to be on the ball to bring it all together. You have no doubt heard that saying ”It’s my way or the highway”….. well John Cunningham explains why that’s not the best approach.

The art of vendor management

Will Hampson

  • On the Day
  • Hustle
  • Be on the ball
  • On your side

Defining leadership

John Cunningham  

  • ‘My way or the highway’
  • Those that get it – thrive
  • Create the environment

Friday Feature Matthew Herbert makes a great point today about where many agents go wrong with what they send to contacts.

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