Great opportunity for deal makers + Focus on the deal, the game and people

Some more interesting insights into what is ahead is what we have for you today as Tom Panos turns the spotlight onto social media and Peter Hanscomb says that you need to get focused on 3 things to be successful next year.

Industry Thought Leaders look at what is ahead
Tom Panos and Peter Hanscomb

Monetising social media
Don’t show off
The lack of listings was a surprise
Strong entry by disruptors
Stop looking for the next bright shiny toy.

Marketing Monday – The need for more communication and accountability is just one of the key findings in the Core Logic Buyer Perceptions Report.  Kylie Davis explains how clients want agents to do everything they say they will do. Regular contact and follow up at every stage is essential. Always give buyers the option to make one final offer in a negotiation.

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