Grade rentals | The importance of rapport in negotiation | Example management


We all like doing business with people we know and like. And people tend to like others who appear to have similar opinions, personality traits, backgrounds or lifestyles. More people will say ‘yes’ to you if they like you, and the more similar to them you appear to be, the more likely they are to like you.

More on people performance and the numbers and we look at how to grade your rental properties.

Coach – John Knight – People Performance

  • Leadership and clarity of role
  • Set an example
  • Recruit, Support, Lead, Coach, Protect, Inspire and Appreciate

Working Smarter – David Faulkner – Property Management Master Class

  • Grading your properties
  • Make sure that your rent roll is profitable

Skill – It’s important to build rapport with people you plan to negotiate with.

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