Eliminate distractions

If your relationships are not going well, it can have an impact on your performance and your attitude.

Topic – Getting your head into 2019

Mentor – Amber Werchon

  • Different for everyone
  • Invest in relationships
  • Tidy up to start fresh

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Kevin:   Another great tip this morning, as we’re joined by our mentor for this week, Amber Werchon from Amber Werchon Property on the Sunshine Coast. A brilliant performer, has a wonderful career. I was going to say has had a wonderful career, but you’re right in the middle of it right now, running a great brand on the Sunshine Coast. Good morning, Amber.

Amber:   Good morning, Kevin.

Kevin:   We’re helping our listeners, our folks, get in touch with themselves for 2019, get a good kickstart. Yesterday we talked about creating that routine. Eliminating distractions. Let’s talk about some of the distractions that pull us down and how do we go about eliminating them?

Amber:   I think they’re different for everyone, but relationship is a big one. I think it’s worth making time to, I guess invest in those important relationships, whether it’s your partner or your children or whomever it is. Because if they’re not going well, it can have an impact on your performance and your attitude.

Kevin:   Mm-hmm).

Amber:   Also for me personally I know that I like to have my home or office tidy and organised. If I don’t, then I don’t feel as clear. I can’t stand not being able to find things, or just feeling overwhelmed so I like to invest time in doing that. Same with organising my inbox on my computer. All those things so that I guess I think they’re all distractions of some kind.

Kevin:   Tell me, when do you actually get yourself organised? Is it the end of the day so you start afresh, or is it the start of the day?

Amber:   Well, for me it’s normally on a weekend.

Kevin:   Oh, okay … So it’s a big chunk-

Amber:   Yes. Otherwise it is generally the end of the day, because the next day I start with my usual routine like we chatted about yesterday.

Kevin:   Mm-hmm.

Amber:   That’s not necessarily the funnest thing to be starting the day with.

Kevin:   No it’s not, but I tell you what it does do, it actually puts everything in place, doesn’t it?

Amber:   It does.

Kevin:   I know when I walk out of here at the end of the day if I’ve done that and I’ve prepared myself for the next day, I feel much more in control and I feel more positive. Whereas if I walk out of here and I think, “Oh god. Then I remember this. I haven’t done that. I haven’t done this,” it’s very frustrating.

Amber:   Yes, I do my to-do list the night before for the following day. Every time. So that I’m not thinking, “What have I got to do today?” I already know the night before.

Kevin:   Is that written down, is it electronic?

Amber:   Yes. Yeah.

Kevin:   Electronic or written down?

Amber:   It’s electronic, I send myself an email every night for the following day.

Kevin:   Okay-

Amber:   And update it.

Kevin:   When you send that, you can virtually close the book, can’t you?

Amber:   Yes.

Kevin:   Say, “Okay, that’s under control. Now I go to the next part of my life which is with family.”

Amber:   Yes, or sleep for me.

Kevin:   Well, with a young family-

Amber:   They go to bed early.

Kevin:   Yeah. You get an early start. Makes your day very productive.

Amber:   Yes. That’s right.

Kevin:   Wonderful stuff. Eliminate distractions. Let’s look at … We haven’t really looked at too many distractions, but a lot of negativity can happen in an office with people constantly interrupting your workflow?

Amber:   Yes. I don’t spend a lot of time at the office that’s not allocated time. So I book appointments at the office, and I don’t have a lot of … I guess like gap time at the office because I know that I won’t actually be productive.

Kevin:   Obviously you’ve got a team, and they’re going to be reaching out to you for advice-

Amber:   Yes.

Kevin:   There are people who I know who don’t work for you anymore who still seek advice from you. How do you divide that time?

Amber:   Well, they call, text, or email and I promise to get back to everyone the same day. It’s always been my policy and I still do to the day. I just make sure that in my ideal week I’ve got gaps that are call times and email times et cetera. So I just make sure that I’m not like I used to do, do appointments all day. That I have time to get back to people and keep on top of things.

Kevin:   Wonderful stuff, Amber Werchon. Thank you so much again for your time. Look forward to catching up tomorrow. I want to talk about how you look after yourself tomorrow. That will be fun.

Amber:   Thank you, sounds good.

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