Either love it or leave it

Achieving a goal can sometimes be the point that sees you stall because it is the goal that has been driving you.  What should you do?

Topic – What’s next?

Mentor – Daniel Gonzalez

  • ‘We help clients transition”
  • The responsibility is ‘huge’
  • You need to ‘have their back’


Kevin:   This is the last day we’ll have Daniel Gonzales in the show for this time around. He’ll come back again at some time in the future, but we’re actually celebrating the fact that he took out the award recently at REIWA, Real Estate Institute of Western Australian, as the top agent with the highest value of property sold. Just pipping Vivian Yap from Ray White. Daniel, I want to ask you now, if you had the opportunity to stand in front of 30 or 40,000 real estate agents, which I need to remind you is roughly what you’re doing right now, what message would you give them? What would you say to them?

Daniel Gonzales:   Well, we would always have the same message with this, Kevin. It’s either love it or leave it. Don’t half do real estate. It’s a massive opportunity that we are given by our clients to become their family’s representative. That’s who we are, we’re representing them in this.  And, I speak from this because we are, in the market that we’re in, we help our clients transition. They’ve been in their homes for many years, and we’re helping them transition, not just sell the house. So, we are representatives of that moment in time for them, we have to represent them well. This, remember, as well, we present the campaign to them and the proposition of having us as their reps. After that, they’re not there anymore so you have to be able to have their back as we would say, all of the time, not just some of the time because they’re not there.

Daniel Gonzales:   We really have to have that understanding that the power behind what they’ve done in allowing us to be their representative is huge. Absolutely huge. You cannot underestimate the power of that as well. The other thing that we see is probably, again, because we’re more with our hippie side, we’re their genies at that time as well. We’re there, they’ve got their dreams and ambitions and aspirations as to what needs to happen and we are there to make their dreams come true. Sometimes we’re not able to, leaving no stone unturned, we’re not able to, other times we are able to exceed them and other times we barely just meet them but, regardless of that, that’s the energy behind the responsibility of representing them.

Kevin:   A lot of energy went into getting to where you are now, winning this award. I know that that’s only one part of the goal that you might have. Can you ask you now, what’s next? What’s next for Daniel Gonzales? What’s next for Reality Lane?

Daniel Gonzales:   Just to continue the path of what we have. Continue the path of the gap factors and making sure that the outcomes are still being met and growth now. I think not too quick, I still don’t want it to be too. I still don’t want massive change, but I do want another handful of people that are in line with our intentions and that would fit the brand and the brand would fit them moving forward, I think that’s where we’re heading now.

Kevin:   So, the growth is going to come from new people?

Daniel Gonzales:   Definitely new people. To add to our beautiful family and just keep adding people onto the team. That’s definitely what we’re doing now. We are going through a recruitment process as we speak, so we’re out there actively catching up with people and seeing how and if they can fit within the business to just replicate what it is that we’re doing out there. So definitely, Reality Lane will continue to grow, that’s our clear intention today.

Kevin:   Okay, how many people on the team now?

Daniel Gonzales:   So we’ve got, our office at the moment, we’ve got property management, finance and two sales reps which we spoke about last time, last time we were on the show and I’ve got one, two people on our team immediate to us and then Maria of course who runs the office and does the bits and pieces. So it’s very clear out there, Maria still does all the work.

Kevin:   She does. She’s a great support mate, I can tell you, she’s fantastic. What are we looking there, at about 10 people.

Daniel Gonzales:   Yeah, this would be around 10, 11 people on our team at the moment and also there is a marketing person.

Kevin:   I sort of knew that that would be the answer to that question. I wanted to leave it to right at the end because that pulls everything into perspective. We think that to be the best, and you are the best in Western Australia, to be the best you’ve got to have a massive team. It’s not necessarily the case. It’s actually having the right people who can communicate the right message. I’m not gonna ask you to respond to that. I just want to say congratulations mate. We’re so proud of you and we’re so delighted to have you in the show.

Daniel Gonzales:   Thank you so much Kevin, always a pleasure.


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