Don’t undervalue your Facebook audience

You can ask Facebook to search it’s user base to find people just like your current clients.  That is incredibly effective and quick farming!

Topic – 5 ways agents get Facebook wrong

Mentor – John Hellaby

  • How to create an audience of interested engaged people
  • When they ‘like’ they say ‘I’m interested’
  • This audience can be specifically advertised to
  • An incredible tool for finding new clients


Kevin: This morning is when we bring it all together in our conversations with John Hellaby, and we’re talking about Facebook, how to market. We’ve been talking about re-targeting. We’re gonna bring all that together today.

Kevin: Good day, John, how you doing?

John: I’m very well, thanks, Kevin, how are you?

Kevin: Good. And just a reminder, too, yesterday we talked about re-targeting. We’ve done that exercise overnight. So, you know, I’m sure that you would have received your notification if you listened, however you listened. But I also want to mention, too, that if you’re looking to generate new leads, John Hellaby, about almost a decade ago, created a website called checkmyhouseprice. And there are still some postcode data and that generates leads for agents, John, is that correct?

John: That’s correct. We use Facebook exclusively to generate leads for agents. You know, one agent per postcode, and we just look to work with agents to help them build their business.

Kevin: Okay. The website to go to find out if the postcode you work in is available is CMHP., that is Check My House Price, but use the abbreviation John, let’s dig into the business of the day, which is … we talked yesterday about many agents being one-hit wonders. Also, agents undervaluing their audience.

John: Absolutely. Look, I’m gonna do something a little bit cheesy, and I’m gonna give you a quote right now. And I’ll put you on the spot, Kevin. Tell me if you know who actually said this. And it’s, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Kevin: I’ve heard it, but I wouldn’t have a clue who said that.

John: Believe it or not, it was Abraham Lincoln in 1856.

Kevin: Wow, okay.

John: And I love that I get to use an Abraham Lincoln quote when I’m talking about something so modern and that it’s Facebook, you know? Honestly, I’ve said, “Actions speak louder than words”, and it’s so true even today. And on Facebook, it’s truer than ever when it comes into marketing. You see, every piece of content that you put out, every time that someone goes to your website, every time you create a video, you’re actually creating an audience of interested and engaged people.

John: You see, in 2018, someone engaging, liking, watching a video, is essentially self-nominating as someone who’s interested. Because we live in such a fast-paced society, that none of us, none of us give our attention to something that doesn’t interest us. So if we’re giving our attention to your content, your content is of interest to us, which means that you can now build an audience of people who have self-nominated that they’re interested in what you’re putting out there.

Kevin: So I guess by coming and looking at what the content is we put out, it’s a signal, isn’t it? “Hey, I’m interested in what you’re giving me. Give me more.”

John: Absolutely. I mean, put a call to action in front of me. You know, if you’re putting out content that people are engaging with, and that are demonstrating that interest, it’s only natural that a majority of them are actually gonna want to take their interest to that next level.

John: But remember, we’re in a fast-paced society. So they’re not actually gonna go and do the legwork themselves. You’ve got to get them go and put that in front of them, put that next step in the process in front of them to get them to take action.

Kevin: And now, we know how many people who are in Facebook. Can we get a Facebook to actually find out from the user base, similar people to who we’re currently working with?

John: I love where you’ve gone with this, Kevin.

Kevin: Thank you.

John: Absolutely, it is one of my favorite tools within the Facebook ad platform. It’s called a look-alike audience, and this thing is obscenely powerful, because what you can do is you can create an audience of people who have engaged with your content, engaged with your video, engaged or visited your website. But more than that, you can even take your database. So from your CRM, you can upload that into Facebook itself-

Kevin: Oh, wow. Wow.

John: -and say, “Hey, Facebook. These are my clients.” Right? Which makes it really powerful. But the next step is you then say to Facebook … And I kid you not, it’s a matter of a handful of clicks, you say to Facebook, “See these people that are my client? These are the ideal audience for me. Go and find me the one percent of the Australian population who are statistically most like these people.”

Kevin: Goodness.

John: “In other words, Facebook, go and find me the one percent through to the ten percent, you might get ten percent if you want. But go on …” I like using one percent, because that really narrows it down, and gets the matches bang-on. “So go and find me the one percent of the Australian population who are most likely to become my next client.”

Kevin: So how much does it cost me to do that?

John: Nothing extra. It’s just a feature that’s built in to Facebook, into the Facebook ads platform. So, remember when we were talking day one, page versus profile marketing, you don’t get this feature on your profile. This is part of the ads platform that you can only tap into if you’re marketing from your page.

Kevin: Wow. Okay. That’s … Wow, go back to Monday. That’s when we talked about it. And there’s a-

John: That’s right.

Kevin: That is a great reason to make sure you do that. What an incredible tool for finding new clients. That is amazing.

John: It’s insane. In fact, Kevin, I’ll tell you … Have we got time for me to tell the story where we actually use this.

Kevin: Yeah, please.

John: Alright. So we had a property development come to us and ask us to help the market and estate. They had a small estate, surrounded by the big property developers, and traditional marketing, they were getting no legs. So they came to us, and we built an audience of Check My House Price investors. So people would come to Check My House Price, and they said, “Hey, I’m an investor.” Right? But we didn’t actually market to that audience. We then built a look-alike audience off it.

John: So we said, “Facebook, these are the types of people that we want to go and find. Go and find us the one percent of the Australian population.” We then ran a marketing campaign to each of the major population centers, and we generated investor leads, who all put their hand up. They self-nominated, and they also filled out a form stating, “Hey, I’m an investor, and I’m interested in a $400,000 house in …. Please contact me.”

John: And it cost us $16 a lead.

Kevin: Oh, my goodness. Wow, that’s incredible. Wow, that’s-

John: That’s the power of it.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s so powerful. Okay, so check that one out for yourself. Go back … If you’re lost now, go back and listen to the last few days. It’ll start to become crystal clear. I’d suggest that people are gonna have to listen to this over and over, John, so.

John: Look, I think they will, and the thing is too, for property managers who are listening in … Guys, I know a lot of the time training and that sort of thing, you guys get forgotten a bit. This strategy, this is how you grow your rent roll. Put a great offer together, pump out the look-alike audience, and grow your rent roll.

Kevin: Wonderful stuff. John Hellaby is my guest, and once again, that website, use the link, to go and find out if there’s some marketing in your postcode that you can pick up some leads from., it’s on every one of the pages. John Hellaby, back again tomorrow morning, we’re gonna talk about the thing that most agents don’t do on Facebook that they must do. John, talk to you again tomorrow morning.

John: Can’t wait.

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