Don’t complain | Career changing moment | What impacts clearance rates?


Don’t fall into the trap of measuring your success at the wrong point. Not too early and not too late but according to Dane Atherton, that is exactly what we do.

Ever wondered what you should and could be working on now to turn your career around? Hear what Nyree Ewings says about that and Mark Frater talks about the quality of your stock and seller standards and their impact on your clearance rate.

Coach – Dane Atherton – Getting what you are worth

  • Actions come before results
  • When you measure success

Working Smarter – Nyree Ewings – What it takes to get into the top 1% of agents

  • What is the biggest skill to master to change a career?

Skill – Mark Frater says “The quantity of stock and seller standards will directly affect your clearance rate”.

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